With a quick gyrometer

Fans of the trilogy «Back to the future» have been dreaming about is shown in the film hoverboard. Since the film’s release has passed more than 20 years and finally appeared on the market equipment which is reminiscent of the famous flying Board – gyrometer. Of course, the new device does not fly, but its characteristics made it a truly futuristic. He’s agile, quick, easy, environmentally friendly, gyrometer also often called SmarTeam, giramondo, mini sigwait. Riding giribone combines a lot of positives here and a good time, a little exercise in the fresh air, the opportunity to have fun with your friends, image and a lot of astonished looks from the ordinary people. Manage smartbeam can learn, even a child, the device is equipped with a stabilization system, which will protect the person from falling.


On the market today, you can find a lot of models giabardo, the choice of flying boards need to pay attention to the following points:

  • the power of the engine;
  • battery capacity;
  • speed;
  • the distance that you can drive on a single charge.

You should also pay special attention to wheel size, because they affect the speed, payload, and maneuverability.

From this article we know that you will be able to develop speed with a quick gyrometer.

Smart Balance DIAMOND 7

Wise balance diamond 7Smart Balance DIAMOND 7

To date, the fastest giramondo is Smart Balance DIAMOND 7, it is capable of speeds up to 20 km/h. feed Motor is the two powerful batteries, so the model can travel on a single charge, 25 km. the Maximum load on the device is 120 kg.

The cost of this model is about 30 000 rubles.

Smart Balance Wheel SUV 10

In second place is the Smart Balance Wheel 10 SUVs, this model is capable of speeds up to 20 km/h. The peculiarity of this girabaldi is that it is equipped with inflatable wheels with a diameter of 10 inches. Due to this, the model is able to drive on sand, gravel or over rough terrain, also, the device easily climbs up a small hill. 130 kg is the maximum weight that can withstand the model.

Smart balance wheel of the SUV 10Smart Balance Wheel SUV 10

Also, Smart Balance Wheel SUV 10 has built-in speakers, so during the trip you can enjoy your favorite songs from a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. At night, the traffic safety will provide Parking lights.

Is this model about 21 000.


In third place is the CROSSWAY Smart. This model is made in a bright and modern design, can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/hour. The model is equipped with LED backlight.

Crossroads smartCROSSWAY Smart

The model is quite light, the weight is only 10 kg, the device is able to withstand 120 kg load. CROSSWAY is Smart about 19 000.


CHIC SMART S3 6.5, is one of the best models released in 2016. The model is equipped with many features that provide safety. Its big wheels and high suspension, respectively, the model is able to overcome various obstacles. The maximum speed is 15 km/h and on a full charge, the device is able to drive 25 km, maximum load – 110 kg.

Daily smart-S3 6.5CHIC SMART S3 6.5

CHIC SMART S3 6.5 is quite expensive – 55 000 rubles.

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5Smart Balance Wheel 6.5

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5 – one of the most popular models because it has excellent characteristics and low cost. The device is able to accelerate to 15 km/h and drive on a full charge is 20 km, the maximum load is 120 kg.

The model is 14 000 rubles.

Smart Balance Off-Road Edition

A Reasonable Balance Between Off-Road EditionSmart Balance Off-Road Edition

Smart Balance Off-Road Edition can be called a SUV, as large ten-inch wheels provide movement of sand, soil and other poorly traversable surface. The maximum speed is 15 km/h and on a full charge, the model is able to drive 25 km Maximum load capacity – 120 kg. the Main features of the model is:

  • housing;
  • built-in speakers and Bluetooth;
  • a high permeability.

The model is about 20,000 rubles.

8 Smart Balance Wheel Transformers

8 Smart Balance-Wheel Transformers8 Smart Balance Wheel Transformers

In seventh place is the 8 Wheel Smart Balance Transformers, this device is capable of speeds of 15 km/h on a single charge model can drive 20 km, the Model is made in the original design, so it resembles transformers. 8 Wheel Smart Balance Transformers are equipped with lighting that provides safety at night, as well as speakers that connect via Bluetooth to the smartphone.

The model is approximately 24 000.

Smartway UERA-ESU004 Bluetooth

Smartway UERA-ESU004 Bluetooth today is one of the best gyrometers on the market. It is made in perfect design, equipped with a backlight, built-in Bluetooth speakers, weighs only 12 kg, this model is Also equipped with various sensors that make operation easy and safe movement.

Smartway UERA-ESU004 BluetoothSmartway UERA-ESU004 Bluetooth

The model is able to accelerate to 15 km/h and drive on one charge 20 km charging Battery in just 1.5 hours. And is Smartway UERA-ESU004 Bluetooth about 20 000.

Leadway L1-A

Leadway L1-A is a small, but powerful enough gyrobot. It is equipped with two engines with a total power of 500 watts. The device is able to accelerate to 15 km/h and drive on one charge 20 km, the maximum weight capacity is 100 lbs. full charge Time of the battery is 3 hours.

Investment Boutique Leadway L1-AndLeadway L1-A

Other benefits of this giramondo include:

  • built-in Bluetooth speaker;
  • LED backlight;
  • stylish design.

The cost of this model is 30 000 rubles.

SmartWay U3

SmartWay u3SmartWay U3

Gyrometer SmartWay U3 is an easy and quick device that is capable of speeds of 12 km/h while it weighs only 11 kg. On a single charge you can travel 20 km and the maximum capacity is 100 kg full charge Time is 1 hour.

Estimated value of the model is 36 000 rubles.

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