Why wedding ring worn on the ring finger?

This question arises many newlyweds. But this is a centuries-old tradition. Pair wedding rings are a kind of talisman of love and faithfulness. This tradition originated in Ancient Egypt.

The Tradition Of Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians claimed that on the ring finger of the left hand is the main blood vessel associated with the heart, the ring must be worn on this finger.

The people first learned the human anatomy, and they had good reasons to draw such conclusions.

And since for some countries the tradition of wearing the ring on the nameless finger of his left hand.

Wedding rings. Russia

In Russia it has long been customary to wear jewelry on the ring finger of the right hand. For several centuries, is such a rumor, that on his right shoulder sits the angel, and putting on the ring, the couple receive support from higher powers.

The reasoning behind the age-old tradition of wearing wedding rings on the nameless fingers?

This tradition fully proves that decoration is to be worn on a nameless finger.

Each finger carry the title of member of the family. Parents thumbs, index brothers and sisters, the middle finger is you, ring – a husband and wife, little fingers children.

So, let’s see your hands so that the middle fingers touch each other the external side, while others can just touch fingertips.

Then try to tear apart the fingers. Thumbs easy to tear, because sooner or later parents leave you in another world. The index fingers can also be easy to tear, because brothers and sisters are not always together. Someone gets married, someone is getting married. Little fingers also can be torn off because children jump out of the parental nest and begin to live their own lives.

No matter how you try to break away ring fingers, all to no avail. The fact that the wife should always live together in love and happiness, no matter what.

Years go by, but wedding rings are hardened wedding symbol. Rumor has it that they have a powerful force that drives away evil spirits and gives your married life harmony.

Where to buy wedding rings?

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