Why speculate on the future dangerous?

Always man has sought to look into the future and predict the possible consequences of situations. Divination does not lose its relevance today. Of course, first and foremost, Tarot is becoming popular through different media: Newspapers, TV shows, advertising and websites. It is no accident the man who is in a difficult life situation, refers to divination.

Seance divination

Contemporary fortune tellers

Probably, there are no women in the world who wouldn’t want to look into the future. Usually this curiosity is actively awakens in adolescence. Today, however, to fortune-tellers are treated not only women but also men.

Long real fortune tellers could transfer your gift from generation to generation. But in our time it is not necessary. Learn to read, everyone can. You can easily purchase a themed literature or to purchase a card with detailed instructions. But experts say that to fully master the whole process of divination in the books is impossible.

The witch-the fortune teller

You should know that these «indigenous» fortune tellers now almost gone. Fortune-tellers usually become psychologists, because divination is kind of like a therapy session. In order to successfully carry out divination, you need to immediately the fortune teller figured out the primary cause of the treatment of his client. Usually women are treated with the typical problems: can’t find a man, the problem with the child or with parents.

If the girl is young but not very attractive, appeals to the fortune-teller with a problem that can not find a young man, the reason is obvious. Usually the girl says desperately, with a trembling voice. Here is «switched on» from the fortuneteller, the psychologist. It is clear that the girl is not confident, do not care of their appearance – this is the reason for scaring away the Cavaliers. Therefore, the task of the teller is to convince her of his confidence and awaken the desire to wait for the Prince.

Contemporary fortune tellers

Many fortune-tellers today – just careful people who do their trait to skillfully translate into a profitable business.

Danger to humans

Turning to the teller, we even can’t imagine what doing harm to yourself. The divination process initially involves the disintegration of our energy. To speculate means to make a connection with the impure forces. Man, the deck lays out not just wants to know the future, but runs a specific program with the invocation of dark forces. Thus, oputyvanie dark forces can prophesy severe illness, failure, misfortune, and even death. And, first and foremost, hurt the one who decided on divination.

The danger of divination for a person

The Orthodox Church does not accept the appeal to divination and evil spirits. The clergy believe that a fortune teller who predicts the fate of another person, giving up his soul to the devil. It is believed that wonder is a great sin.

A lot of people who at least once in life, turned to the teller, claimed that there were no favorable changes have occurred, moreover, felt ignored and unhappy. They seem to «walk the circle» of his life.

There is an opinion that each teller unhappy, so she atones for his misfortune, through intervention in the lives of others. Basically, fortune tellers, lonely and dying due to serious illness and painfully, and alone.

It is necessary to guess the future

Turning to a fortune with any problem, the person not only does not solve it, but to some extent even increases. Man ceases to believe in itself and shifts the responsibility to the teller. Thus, a person can lose the critical perception of the problem. For example, if the client of the fortune-teller was the woman who decided to tell fortunes on the relationship with her man, the result may not be very favorable. A fortune teller can predict divorce from her husband, but trusting the woman at the next quarrel will not «save» the situation and then file for divorce. Of course, as the fortune teller predicted.

Therefore, divination is a kind of self-hypnosis, as psychologists say, «anger management». No wonder our wise people says: «do Not regret your destiny».

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