Why is it so useful chanterelles?

Have you noticed that the chanterelles did not happen worms? Are these mushrooms inedible? No, very edible, just in these amazing mushrooms contain chinamans — substance, beetles, worms, parasites and other animals can not stand!

Hinomannoza a very unstable substance, can not tolerate heat treatment, it breaks up already at 50 degrees. In pickling mushrooms cold way, chinamans destroyed by salt. For this reason, to preserve the nutrients of chanterelles for treatment, they are dried, and sometimes even make tinctures with vodka or wine.


    The composition of chanterelles:
  • Hinomannoza – natural component that produces no side effect. Completely destroys worms in the body, even destroying their eggs.=
  • Ergosterol, a substance that has a positive effect on liver enzymes. Cleanses the body.
  • Tromethaminebuy acid is a good remedy that works on the hepatitis viruses.

Natural medicine has long used chanterelles. These mushrooms are known for anti-cancer effects, stimulate the immune system to reduce inflammation. It also contains a lot of vitamin A, its content is ten times higher than its content in carrots. Due to these properties, the Chinese use of medication of these fungi to improve vision and night blindness.

The composition of chanterelles

How to make a tincture with chanterelles?

    You will need:
  • 1 tablespoon dried chanterelles;
  • 200 ml of vodka.

Dried mushrooms grind and pour vodka, allow to stand for 10 days stirring daily. Strain is not necessary, before using the infusion to shake and consumed with sediment.

Chanterelles in medicine

    Of application and dose:
  • worming – two teaspoons at night for 20 days;
  • liver disease, obesity, hemangioma, and diseases of the pancreas – a teaspoon every night for 3-4 months;
  • hepatitis – a teaspoon twice a day for 4 months;
  • to cleanse the liver two teaspoons every night for 2 weeks.
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