Why do people cry?

Upset or experiencing joy, we are surprised to find that our cheeks become wet with tears. The fact that they reflect our emotions, they know everything, but that’s why people cry, nobody knows. There are many theories of this phenomenon, both psychological and anatomical. Consider some of them.

Why women cry more than men?

Strange, but humans are the only creatures that are capable of crying. Animals have just a slightly watery eyes and this process is necessary for their purification. Studies have shown that women on average, once can neplacute about 5 ml of liquid. Men crying in 4 times less. According to the same statistics, out of 100 ladies surveyed, 50 give way to tears at least once a month.

Why do women do this more often than men? Some researchers attribute this to the emotionality of the girls while others even lead to anatomical evidence. So, one theory is that the smaller the nose and its passages, the less tears come out of the man. Monitoring data has not yet led to a unified theory, but scientists have learned to distinguish between physiological tears to avoid dry eyes and reflex that arise as a result of experienced emotions.

Tears cleanse the body

One theory belongs to biochemist William H. Frey. He gives a clear answer to the question of why people cry. His version is that they fulfill important human function, namely excrete toxic substances. They are formed during times of stress that a person experiences when unpleasant events. The brain shrinks and this leads to the fact that stand out of tears. The people who received the joyful news, there is a strengthening of blood circulation and intellectual discovery. If the person is not ready, then again there is a compression of the brain and tearing. To date, this theory has not been confirmed, but was not refuted.

Despite the various discoveries and scientists, they converge in a single opinion. Don’t be ashamed of your tears, they help to cope with a stressful situation. The researchers believe that they treat the body and soul.

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