Who has the longest horns

Many people are afraid of cows and bulls, as their formidable weapon — the horns can pose some danger. I wonder what they would say, when met with a representative of the breed, Watussi, in which the length of each bone of the Appendix is more than a metre?

The big horns are the descendants of the primitive round (wild bull), and the age of the rock exceeded VI millennia. While staying in the heart of the river Nile — the cradle of civilization (where in Egypt on the tomb walls you can find their images) these animals for their unpretentiousness in food and powerful weapons in the form of horns spread all over Africa. Their elaborate system of protecting young animals also contributed to the spread of the population. And Krestovskii with humpback bulls-zebu breed received its current appearance.


African tribes countries of Rwanda and Uganda called bulls, Watusi or Ancol, depending on the area where animals live. The main wealth of the tribes here — alive livestock.

Interestingly, animals are considered sacred and Africans never use their meat for food. Bull, who are the long horns, is the patron Saint of the tribe, and belongs to the herd of the king. Cows give milk (but with incredible milk production), and the bulls are used as breeding males. The Maasai tribe is mixed blood, fired into live animals milk and drink as a delicacy.


Special technology of milk yield of cows was in the barbaric method — parturient cow all day, eat grass, and in the evening she was allowed to give just a few SIPS of milk to the calf. The calves died on such a starvation diet, but milk was enough.

The greatest horn in the world have a very special blood vessel system,c cooling air flows. They act as the radiators, and the blood of them, again entering the General circulatory system, thereby reduces the body temperature of the animal. In places where the thermometer rarely drops below 50 degrees, it is very valuable property. The African elephant and chanterelle-Fenech this function is performed by the ears.


An adult bull can weigh up to 750 pounds, but a newborn calf from 14 to 25 pounds, and so small for quite a while. Grazing animals in the fields and in the grasslands, so the herd has developed a system for the protection of children from predators — the young located in the centre, and adults, those with the longest horns, lie down in a circle, exposing them to the enemy.


The record of the breed, listed in the Guinness Book of records, which had the largest horns in the world, was a bull Lurch, who lived in Arkansas. The diameter of each bone of the Appendix was 92 cm and a weight of 50 kg, while in other specimens the horns are cylindrical, or domed, the Larch they were straight and their width from tip to tip was 3.7 meters.


Because of its simplicity, the possibility to stay long without water, the breed has spread far beyond the African continent and now the representatives of the biggest horns in the world can be found in any country. I wonder what is the width of the gate in barns where these animals contain?

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