Where used clinker blocks

What is a clinker blocks? It is durable, reliable and wear-resistant road surface, are widely used for landscaping of urban areas, sidewalk areas, parks, and is also used in the improvement of the inner courtyards of suburban areas. Manufactured paving stone in the form of bars of a given color and texture. High-quality clay fired at very high temperatures in special furnaces, so that the material and gains high performance and excellent decorative properties.

What good clinker blocks

Environmentally friendly natural clinker blocks has almost all properties of natural stone, but it is cheaper than granite. Clinker track will perfectly fit into any landscape design of a country site, will complement the facade of the Villa or adorn urban parklands. Thanks to its high performance clinker such road or paving does not require repair for many years.

Clinker is not afraid of moisture, frost, high temperatures, sunlight, strong mechanical stress, acids and alkalis, located in the polluted urban air. Not a single negative factor to the environment can quickly destroy the material, so even after several decades of intense exploitation of clinker surface will not be cracked, chipped, and not lose the color.

In most cases, color pavers produced by changing the firing temperature of the clay, but some manufacturers can add to plastic clay mixture of natural dyes which will give material of saturated and bright colors. In any case, even under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight the material will not lose color and will always look pristine. You can save considerably on the repair of the road surface, if you choose the clinker.

The scope of paving slabs

  • for paving garden paths;
  • for finishing the patio of a private home;
  • to create the entrance to the garage;
  • for paving town squares and green areas;
  • to create pedestrian paths;
  • lining the area around the fountain, barbecue or BBQ area.

If you want to get well-groomed territory of the infield for years to come, then you should choose this kind of road surface.

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