Where the most beautiful starry sky

People who have never been outside the city, haven’t really seen a beautiful starry sky when your eyes are not obscured by clouds of carbon dioxide and exhaust gas. There’s no artificial lighting, over which the stars are virtually indistinguishable in the huge space. But, if you happen to observe small bright dots in the night sky outside the city, then you should look at the starry sky is from a different place. In order to enjoy the stars, you need altitude, dry climate and absence of artificial lighting. It is impossible to allocate only one place where it is possible to do so, we present to your attention the list of places where the beautiful starry sky.

Reserve The Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve (Ireland)


Enjoy the Northern lights and see the milky way here. This is the first reserve of its kind in the Northern hemisphere, earned a «gold level» for a crystal clear sky that allows you to see flying over your head Meteora. Suggest packing a suitcase and take a flight to this wonderful country.

If anyone is up to Ireland to get away, there is a town closer.

Reserve of the night sky (Northumberland, UK)


This place got the status of biggest protected area of the night sky in Europe. The reserve includes two territories: Northumberland national Park and Kielder water reserve.

In 1988, the United States was founded by the international dark sky Association. This organization is engaged in fighting light pollution. In December 2013, the Association gave the Park the highest status of «gold» to your own skills.

The local authorities are interested in preserving the purity of the sky, has turned the Park into an ideal place for dreamers. Here you can not only enjoy the night scenery, but also great Chesters Fort to visit a local Observatory. She started work in 2008 and for the period of time it managed to visit tens of thousands of tourists. In the Park in some places absolutely no coverage that allows you to completely consider all are on the sky of the cosmic body.

Sternenpark Westhavelland (Germany)


Once the Park has received international recognition in 2014 by the dark sky Association. So far the first in the country star Park. The sky here is clear of smog and it clearly shows that the passing meteors, the milky way, lunar landscapes and so rarely happens the Northern lights.

According satin sky – 66% of the world population live in places with artificially contaminated with light impact that is bad for human health.

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