The widest street in the world

Which are not only world records. To get into the famous Guinness book trying today not only people but also cities and even countries. But specialists have not yet managed to determine what the widest street in the world. Cartographers have put forward different versions which are hotly contested. But if you follow the facts, we can come to the conclusion that the title contenders deserves the street Schmidt, the width of which reaches 68 km.

Broad street

Where is the widest street in the world?

Just two countries can boast that their town is the widest street in the world. Her house with an even value are in Mariupol, located in the Ukraine. An odd value got homes that are in the Russian city of Yeisk. Schmidt street is famous because it is located in the middle of the Taganrog Bay. Also it is the border between Ukraine and Russia.

Schmidt street in Yeisk

Some experts have expressed doubts as to whether the street Schmidt wide. According to them, the infrastructure belongs to different cities, so it is hardly the only one. But on the other hand, streets are considered to be two rows of houses with the same name separated by a space, the area of which is not limited to any data. In any case, record the street Schmidt remains in question.

Schmidt street in Mariupol

The history of the widest streets in the world

The name of the widest street in the world was rated in the times of the Soviet Union when it promoted the spirit of creation. To bring together the city, the street between them named in honor of one of the leaders of the October revolution of Peter Schmidt. More accurate data on the basis of this unusual street is yet to historians.

Street Schmidt

Record holder from Brazil

The title of the widest street on the planet claim of the Monumental shaft, which is located in the capital of Brazil. Its width is 250 meters. The streets are one-ways, each of which has 8 lanes, divided by a huge lawn. It contains various administrative and government buildings.

Monumental shaft

Residents of brasília are very proud of the Monumental shaft, and we enjoy sharing interesting facts about this street:

  • roads located on it, can simultaneously pass approximately 100 vehicles;
  • on the roads there are only 2 traffic lights and multiple controllers;
  • daily on-road street passing more than 100 thousand cars.

Monumental shaft

Monumental axis is a Central Avenue in Brasilia, which has many attractions. That is why it enjoys great popularity among tourists.

Contender for the leadership of Argentina

One of the widest streets in the world located in the capital of Argentina. It is considered the most important project in the city. The width of the street, which is called «Avenue July 9», is 140 m. In its center there is a road, consists of 12 bands, which is surrounded by greenery. Street was formed as a result of connection of two blocks that are parallel to each other.

9 de Julio Avenue

Planners not very happy of passing a busy road in the center of Buenos Aires. For crossing the street, residents need at least 5 minutes, which is not very convenient. Specialists work tirelessly on the project, which will allow you to move car traffic underground. The main problem is that under the street already takes the subway, and place next to the underground railway will be problematic.

9 de Julio Avenue

If city planners Buenos Aires will be able to realize their plans, the street will be a wonderful place for a stroll. It is expected that it will be paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

The settlements on the planet are constantly expanding. Perhaps soon there will be a new street that will claim to be the widest in the world.

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