Where is the cleanest sea in Crimea?

The Crimean Peninsula is one of the most amazing places on our planet. In this tourist centre tourist can find a bunch of shopping malls where you can buy things cheaper than usual, but plenty of beaches where you can relax and lie on the white sand. But where is the cleanest sea in Crimea? The answer to this question you will be able to reading this article.

Unmatched beach Feodosia

Everyone who comes has ever heard of it. The beach glorified the Peninsula because of the purity of water and its Golden Sands. This place extends almost to Primorsk. On the coast you can find food stalls, numerous cafes, where they often are held in the evening of noisy events, gathering tourists from around the globe.

Golden Bay in FeodosiaGolden Bay in Feodosia

To the beach Feodosiya is easy to get as your car or on public transport, although it is often crowded, but the difficulties are proven to bring people closer to each other. Beautiful sea with blue shades, the fine the bottom where very rare stones, well-kept sand, which you will not find broken glass or other debris – which is why the beach of Feodosiya so love couples. According to many, he is the best in all the Crimea.

Affectionate Bay Of Koktebel

Quiet Bay,KoktebelQuiet Bay,Koktebel

Very close to the town of Koktebel, a 40-minute walk, you’ll Bay. All the space that are drawn by the arc, consists entirely of red sand. The sea itself in this place is very clean, the sun gives bright blue shades. When you enter the water, no one will have problems, because shallow water extends forward of tens of meters. This place is too much couples, because it is very easy to teach a child to swim without fear for his life. The coves can be reached by public transport, here it is less loaded that promises a good and happy trip. Also a lot of tourists like to stay in the Bay with their tents.

The beach of kings in a New Light

Near the town of Sudak is a famous village of the New World. Its recognition among people, it was due to one big champagne-wine factory, beautiful and incredible junipers, a huge number of museums and, of course, because of its beaches.

King's beach in a New LightKing’s beach in a New Light

Pebble beach is, or how many of his called «the king» became famous because of one fact: many historians believe that this is the place your vacation enjoyed spending the last Russian Tsar Nicholas 2. Along with his entire family, he came to the Crimea and was thrown into a New world, to swim in the clear sea and sunbathe. But the location of the beach is rather remote: we need to go to the end of the road turn to the ravine. So visitors are advised to reach the beach and waterways.

The Royal sand no one will be able to see even a hint of trash: workers are closely monitoring the cleaning of the territory, as well as for tourists has a special divided tanks, which can be easily put accumulated garbage. The water is so clear that even the naked eye is not difficult to see the shoals of small fish. The bottom consists of sand, rare small pebbles.

The youth beach in Yalta

Massandra beach in YaltaMassandra beach in Yalta

According to many surveys among tourists, it was found that the Massandra beach is very popular among young people. This is not surprising because in this place the sea is very deep near the shore there is a large amount of bungee through which young people can jump long distances. Only the bottom is not very pleasant: it consists entirely of pebble. But this does not hinder the beach in the middle of the season to have a huge attendance, or, as people say the restaurant business, complete fit.

Miskhor beach

BeachThe beach «Mermaid» in Miskhor

This place is familiar to many tourists, thanks to the Mermaid sculpture, located near the shore. Near the beach there is beautiful and green Park. The water in this place is always clean and warm. Is of great popularity as among local residents and among tourists.

The beach at Cape Aya

The lost world, so nicknamed by the people of this sparsely populated place. The beach on all three sides by huge cliffs that reach over five hundred meters in height. They grow rare plants, which very often relief cracks and starts to crumble. Therefore, it is an amazing place sometimes closed for tourist population.

MIS AyaCape Aya

To get to the beach is by boat or on the rocks, the locals swim here on the boat. For those who do not like a large number of people, or always in search of adventure and adrenaline rush, lost world will be a Paradise on earth. With warm water and clean beach you can resort to the contemplation of the eternal questions, or just have fun, climbing on cliffs.

Balaklava beaches: silver and gold

Very close to the Bay of Balaklava, was the result of a tectonic fault is the silver beach. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, sand composed partly of sand and partly of pebbles. The water near this place is always warm and transparent.

Golden beachGolden beach » in Balaklava

Golden beach is a little further. Why gold? This name is loved by people through the local landscape, which changes during the event. Then the whole place takes on a Golden hue, which can not but arouse the admiration of visitors. Of course, the sea in this part is very clean and the water warm.

To reach Golden and silver beach, tourists only need to book the ticket for the local boat every day water transport up to seven o’clock in the evening.

Jasper beach Sevastopol

The beauty of this place lies in its content: the beach consists of pebbles, where frequent Jasper stones with pyrite inclusions. Usually here you can see the influx of Orthodox tourists, because right in the water is a monument to the Holy things from Holy cross. It is easy, you can swim a bit, climb the steps and perform the ceremony.

Jasper beach SevastopolJasper beach Sevastopol

But the other tourists there is a lot of difficulties. The fact that the descent to the beach will have to vacationers in the form of a ladder, where you often have hand rails to hold on to. But the city administration has offered another option for those who can’t handle the load of the route right up to the sand at the local water transport is obtained several times a day from Koktebel.

Miami Beach

p. Olenevka Tarkhankut Capep. Olenevka Tarkhankut Cape

Foreign name attached to this place not by chance: the beautiful rocky places, often difficult of access, clean water, vast territory. This beach is located near the Olenevka. Many people are very hard to descend and ascend on such a mountainous terrain, so they go on Shelly beaches in the Village. And who is not stopped by difficulties that rest in these beautiful and solitary places alone or with his campaign. Many who have been on the beaches of Miami, stress that the best way to get to these places by car.

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