Where in the world the most pure water?

Thanks to the active life of mankind, the pure water left on the planet not so much. But still there are still corners of unspoiled nature, where water is particularly transparent and clean. Usually those are the places where lives a small number of people or countries, where the environment and cleanliness of the water bodies are closely monitoring the public service. So where on the planet the purest water?

French Polynesia (Bora Bora)


the island of Bora Bora

This island located in the Pacific ocean at a distance of 240km from Tahiti belongs to France, which has become the owner as a result of sea exploration and conquest. Bora Bora is particularly popular among those who are professionally engaged in diving, because thanks to the crystal clear water, the whole underwater world is at hand.

Turtles, sharks and stingrays thrive in such water, and their population every year is increasing. Here you can find rare species of marine inhabitants and under the supervision of an instructor to observe their lives immersed in a warm ocean. The Polynesians have reasonably believed that the purest water in the world.

Lake Tahoe


lake Tahoe

The lake is situated on the border of two us States — California and Nevada. This reservoir is considered one of the oldest on the planet, the age of lake Tahoe over 2 million years. Due to the fact that the lake flows more than 40 rivers and drained by only one, the percentage of clean water is very large.

Tahoe USA

The US government appropriated lakes national Park status, so it is guarded by a special Department. Around the lake there is a highway, but directly to the reservoir passage is prohibited and violators face a huge fine. Lake Tahoe is an example of how in a civilized country to treat clean water and trying to keep the lake intact for his descendants.

Germany, lake königssee


This lake is the cleanest body of water Germany, it appeared as a result of melting glaciers and also has the status of a National Park. Located in the picturesque area of Bavaria, this lake attracts hundreds of travelers and tourists from all over the world. The lake is surrounded by beautiful Alpine mountains and, once there, you feel cut off from the outside world. To preserve the purity of the reservoir, the government banned the movement on the lake diesel ships and boats. Thanks to the numerous underwater springs and flowing into the königsee lakes, the water here is constantly updated and it seems emerald.

Lake Königssee

The Rio Sucuri Brazil

Rio Sucuri

The river attracts divers from around the world. The river is so clean that sometimes, it seems that it doesn’t exist, and fish can swim right through the air. Due to the fact that the river is far from the usual tourist routes, it has managed to preserve the original and unique flavor. Snorkelling is also a highlight of tourism at the banks of this river. Every year, increasing the number of eco tourists who want to enjoy a leisurely walk along the river and a chance to admire the original underwater gardens. To see all the inhabitants, even no need to take optical devices. In this river is really the clearest water in the world.

The Rio Sucuri

Crater lake, United States

The history of this reservoir, located in Oregon, began many millennia ago. The lake appeared in the crater of a volcano after its eruption. Incredible blue water is a great depth of the lake, it is considered one of the most beautiful places across the United States. Despite a long history, the first mention of the Kreiter recorded only in the 19th century. This is due to the remote location of this lake. Already in the early 20th century, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt made with Congress a law under which the lake and the adjacent area become a National treasure.

Crater Lake

Despite the fact that most of the year the lake is under snow, it almost never freezes. Location in the crater and warm air currents from the Pacific ocean let the water freeze, and the average temperature does not fall below the level of 12 degrees Celsius.

United States crater lake

Places with crystal clear water on our planet is becoming every year less. Foolish and careless attitude to these gifts of nature, can lead to the fact that they will completely disappear from the face of the earth, and our descendants will never be able to see such wonderful lakes, rivers and oceans.

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