Where better to relax in Norway in the summer

Some people like to luxuriate somewhere on the coast of the red sea , and someone attracted to the mysterious fjords of the Norwegian land. Yes and the Northern lights to see with my own eyes – a dream for many. The nature in Norway is good at any time of the year, but summer is the most popular season for vacation among the tourists coming here.

The temperature in July and August

Since Norway is a country still North, it is best to travel during the period from July to September. It was at this time in most of the territory is established, Sunny and rather warm weather (+20°C). The hottest month has always been July (as, however, and August) – in some places the temperature can reach +25-30°S. In the softest of the three climate zones the temperature in July allows you to feel very comfortable. Even at night it never drops lower than +6°C. the Water can heat up to +17-18°C. Only the extreme Northern point of the country at this time are characterized by high humidity.

Walking the fjords

To visit Norway and not to look at least on one of the fjords – the biggest omission. Because natural sea bays, quite narrow and go deep into the land, with shores covered with rocks, is the main wealth of this land. There are three longest fjord, is entered in the list of places protected by UNESCO. And the two of them, the nærøyfjord and the Geirangerfjord, located just in Norway. A warm undercurrent of the Gulf stream allows these «lakes» are almost never freezing.

The Sognefjord run even large vessels as its depth is 1304 meters. This is the deepest Bay in the country. Among tourists is also extremely popular:

  • The Hardangerfjord – the flowering or fruit trees, depending on the time of year, almost cover the entire coast;
  • The Lysefjord Preikestolen cliff awaits lovers of mountain climbing and horse riding;
  • Glom fjord;
  • Eidanger fjord;
  • Skalden fjord and others.

Fishing villages among mountains and stunning waterfalls attract no less than the fjords.

Amazing waterfalls Voringfossen, Tvindefossen and Stalheimsfossen

In the rocky country of salty lakes are one of the highest waterfalls. Ten of them are in the top thirty of the highest in the world. Each waterfall has its own unique look. Among the famous are:

  • Voringfossen;
  • Tvindefossen;
  • Stalheimsfossen;
  • And culture;
  • Kestose and others.

Long, winding waterfall Voringfossen often rewarded with accolades of tourists. The reason for extremely popularity not only in the fact that in water, a powerful avalanche is thrown from a height of 182 metres from the cliffs you can often see rainbow iridescence. The secret is simple – an extremely attractive place is located near the road to Oslo from Bergen.

Waterfall Tvindefossen (152 meters) and Stalheimsfossen (126 metres) – below Voringfossen. However, the beauty and splendor of the natural attractions not yield one iota. In addition, water flowing into the valley at the foot of Tvindefossen on the «stairs» of rocks is still healing. Men she gets their men’s power and women improves health.

«Culinary travelers» in Norway

In the country the mountain clefts and flowering valleys have a good rest everyone, but foodies in particular. Although many attribute the Norwegian cuisine, rather, to «simple». They believe the lack of culinary delights in a rather hearty from marine or agricultural products biggest flaw. There is another view. Very popular among foreigners are:

  • fish soup;
  • bratwurst with apples;
  • salad with shrimp and anchovies;
  • the liver of a deer;
  • braised sea grebeshok (in milk).

So, the Norwegians love the simplicity in cooking, however, the products themselves have unusual taste due to local technologies.

Architectural masterpieces of Oslo, ålesund and tromsø

As soon as you can admire natural masterpieces slightly bored, you can go on tours of the architectural conservation areas of Norway – Oslo, ålesund and tromsø. In Oslo, next to the old Akershus fortress and the town Hall you can see:

  • modern building on the water’s New Opera;
  • science Museum the Kon-Tiki;
  • the Parliament building;
  • the house of mourning and many other equally interesting and memorable places.

Alesund is rightly still considered the most unusual and interesting city in the country. Its design was designed by professional designers. And many of the buildings visible elements of the art Nouveau style that no other Norwegian cities. Click on this link, you can learn about the visa requirements for entry into the country of the Russians. That will allow not only to admire Reandom, but also to be photographed in front of the Arctic Cathedral in tromsø.

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