What we are turning our planet?

This post is about how often human activities are destroying nature, man, without thinking about the consequences, losing the wonderful corners of the planet. There are many unique places that have become or become less beautiful due to the influence of mankind.

1. The Aral sea lies between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Before the Aral sea (actually a salt lake) was fourth in size. In 60 years the water level began to decrease gradually due to water extraction for irrigation. But after thirty years, the sea turned into two separate reservoir – North and South seas.

The Aral sea

2. The Muir glacier in Alaska has almost disappeared entirely. Over the last century it so happened that the glaciers «deliver» more melt water than falls the snow in the winter. This led to the fact that the glaciers began to retreat at a rate of a kilometer per year. Here is the Muir glacier for a few years «lost» on the eight miles!

The Muir glacier in Alaska

3. The Measles Kalis glacier, located in the Peruvian Andes, catastrophically fast melting due to global warming. Climate change has led to the fact that over the last fifty years it has decreased by a mile.

Glacier Measles Calis

4. Coral reefs of Egypt gradually lost, over the last thirty years their number has decreased twice. All this is due to the increasing population and the numerous tourists coming to the resorts of Egypt, that disrupts the ecosystem of the country.

Coral reefs of Egypt

5. Lake Urmia is located in the Armenian highland is directly between East and West Azerbaijan. It was once the largest East of the lake. To date, Urmia disappears. First, he was affected by the drought of ‘ 98, so the local population consumes a lot of water from Urmia. And after the dam construction, the lake area decreased by 50%.

Lake Urmia

6. The glacier on top of Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador gradually disappears. Although it is important economically, environmentally and socially, because melt water is provided with water and waterpower, the capital of Ecuador, Quito.

The glacier on top of Cotopaxi

7. Cutting down trees in a national Park mount Elgon in Uganda in order to obtain commercial timber have resulted in much decreased a natural part of the continent. This affected not only the quality of the forest, but also the extinction of many animals. National Park is faster deforestation on the planet.

Cutting down trees in a national Park mount Elgon

8. A huge lake in national Park, new Mexico has ceased to be so because over the last twenty years became much shallower.

A huge lake in national Park, new Mexico

9. Deforestation in Brazil has also taken a huge scale. In the 80-ies of the rainforests of Brazil has lost about 9 million hectares in 90-ies – 8.6 million hectares. By the way, mother Russia over the last fifteen years has broken all records on deforestation, reducing the forest area of 25 million hectares!

Deforestation in Brazil

10. Lake Baikal is the pride of Russia, the mystery of nature, in fact, is in a state that is alarming. The lake has recently significantly shoaled, leading to fish kills and threatens the unique ecosystem.

Lake Baikal

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