What to see in Finland for Russian tourists

Finland is very loved by Russian tourists. Especially if we are talking about the North-Western regions. Many come here in my car, and want to see as many interesting things. For these tourists, as, indeed, any other created by this review.

What to see in Finland

Children will be especially interesting to look at a real Maritime country in Naantali. It was created based on the books by the famous storyteller Tove Jansson. This is a huge valley inhabited by «real Moomin trolls. It is on an island. Here a huge number of interesting tourist routes. You can go to the mummy-Troll to visit, to see how he lives. Travel to Naantali will give a lot of joyful emotions.

In Helsinki is to see the famous fortress located on the eight Islands of Suomenlinna. When she defended the city from the sea. There are many well-preserved bastions and FORTS, and there is an old Orthodox Church. Here is a wonderful English Park where you can walk, enjoying the views of the sea.

Fortress in Finland

Also in Helsinki is worth a visit and the temppeliaukio Church. This Church was built in the rock in the second half of the twentieth century. It regularly gives concerts of organ music in the Church excellent acoustics.

On the island of Seurasaari, near Helsinki is the Museum under the open sky. Collected here are the residential buildings of the XVII –XVIII centuries. The houses you can look at the everyday objects, which provide an excellent view of how the Finns lived more than two hundred years ago.

Near the capital in Vantaa, is a scientific and entertaining centre «Eureka». There are many interesting exhibits that will reveal all the secrets of physics and chemistry. It is a Museum of popular science and scientific knowledge. Both children and adults here will be very interesting.

Lapland is the country of Santa Claus in Finland

You can go look at Imatrankoski, famous in the whole of Finland falls on the river Voxa. It was formed about five thousand years ago. District of Imatra, where it is a favorite place of the Finns. By the way, when Finland became part of Russian Empire, it liked to rest the representatives of the Russian ruling elite. Admire the waterfall was visited by the Empress Catherine II. Now every day at six in the evening produced water discharge. More than 500,000 tons coming down with vosemnadtsatimetrovoy height for the music of Finnish composers and light show. The trip here is worth any cost.

In Rovaniemi, the so-called Finnish Lapland is a unique hotel which are very fond of visiting tourists all over the world. It’s made entirely of ice. It is possible to stay the night. Will sleep in warm sleeping bags and, believe me, will not freeze.

Attractions Of Finland

In the town of Savonlinna is situated the ancient fortress Olavinlinna. It is the northernmost castle of the middle ages. It was built in the late XV century. It was built to protect the lands of Finland from Russian soldiers. During the reign of Peter the Great, the fortress became Russian, and then often passed from hand to hand. And the Finns and the Russians left their mark in the architecture of this fortress.

Another very interesting attraction of Finland Cathedral in Turku. It was built in the XIII century, but in its original form to the present day is not preserved because of a fire. He is now fully recovered and is a valuable monument of medieval architecture in Finland.

Sights of Helsinki in Finland

Finland is a country of rich historical and natural attractions. Plus, amazing purity, hospitality, genuine cuisine. All this can not please the Russian tourist who is looking for quality and not too expensive stay in Europe.