What to see in Bulgaria Russian tourists

Bulgaria has long been loved by the Russian tourists. Once she didn’t even know was abroad and went there more often than in any other country.

Bulgaria is not only beaches and beautiful, warm sea, but also a huge number of interesting sights-natural and historical character.

In Bulgaria you should travel to appreciate everything offered by this wonderful country.

The Ovech fortress in Bulgaria

Near the town of Provadia is the Ovech fortress. The fortress itself, few survived, the attention of tourists attracted by the old cemetery, which is carved into the rock, and the barracks, which is the best preserved. This fortress is very ancient, it was founded around the third century. The fortress stands on a high cliff. With a magnificent view of the city and the sea.

Aladja monastery in Bulgaria

Near Varna are a lot of interesting sights (by the way, the Ovech fortress is also not far from it). Close to the Aladzha monastery – one of the most famous rock monasteries of Europe. Stone forest is a remarkable natural rock formation. Evksinograd Palace which was the residence of the Bulgarian monarchs.

Belogradchik Rocks in Bulgaria

Near the town of Belogradchik is a wonderful creation of nature – the Belogradchik Rocks. For several thousands of years nature has worked to unique sculptures of red Sandstone. Nearby is the fortress of Caleta, which served as an Outpost for the Romans, Greeks, Turks, and Bulgarians themselves. The review will bring pleasure to every tourist.

Nessebar is a tourist Mecca. You can quickly reach all the most famous resorts such as Burgas, Sunny Beach, St. Vlas, Elenite. Old Nessebar, separated from the new town by a narrow isthmus, very colorful and authentic. There are many old buildings unique, pure Bulgarian architecture (the bottom stone, top – wood).

The fortress of Tsarevets in Bulgaria

In Veliko Tarnovo, make sure to visit the Tsarevets fortress. Was inside the fortress, the Patriarchal court, houses of the nobility and the king’s chamber. Once this place was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, and then the fortress and the city was captured and destroyed by the Turks. Restored this great monument stands on the mountain, only in the XX century. If you want adrenaline, you can see on the Frontal of the rock. Here in the middle ages executions were held.

In Bulgaria there is a huge number of beautiful cities. They all deserve the attention of tourist. Do not be lazy, should go everywhere.

The town of Balchik in Bulgaria

Balchik is ideal for those who like a leisurely beach vacation. It is situated in a beautiful location on the shore of the Black sea. The town is very ancient, it was founded by Greek colonists, and he went down in history under the name of Dionysius (according to legend, it was here from the sea to the shore came the Greek God of wine and merriment Dionysus). The city has many mineral springs, so here you can go in order to improve their health. Also nearby is the mud-cure salt lake.

Balchik in 1930 was built the summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria. The Palace was built in the Eastern style, it is adjacent to the Park, which is now one of the best Botanical gardens in the world (here, the second size and the uniqueness of the collection of cacti).

Resort Sozopol in Bulgaria

Another popular seaside resort – Sozopol. This is also an old Greek settlement known under the name of Apollonia. It was destroyed by the Roman legions of Mark Loukkola and taken from here to Rome a giant statue of this God, who was the patron of the city. Rebirth the city has experienced in the nineteenth century. Now it is known for its unique architecture and beautiful beaches with Golden sand.

Nearby is the island of St. John, which built the monastery of the virgin. In the water near the island you can observe an interesting phenomenon – the stone forest. Also nearby are Copper mountain, is picturesque country, Bulgaria. Very beautiful and current near the Ropotamo river, with its large water lilies (the river is called «Bulgarian Amazon») In the lower reaches of this river are caves (near Cape Maslen nos). Here I often see dolphins and seals.

The rose festival in the rose Valley in Bulgaria

You should go to the town of Kazanlak (this is the heart of Bulgaria). He is known primarily by the rose Valley (it produces more than half of all rose oil in the world) and the Valley of the Thracian kings (a large complex of burial mounds). The most famous burial places in the Park Tyulbeto. Before our time preserved the unique Thracian frescoes painted using the wax (so that they have an almost mirror Shine). The frescoes depict battle scenes, scenes of games and religious studies (basically, the transition of the human soul in the world of the dead).

The monastery named after St. John of Rila in Bulgaria

In the valley of the river Rilska, right next to the tops of mountains is the eponymous monastery named after St. John of Rila is the largest functioning monastery of the Bulgarian Orthodox Autocephalous Church. Here are the relics of the Holy founder of the monastery is the miraculous icon of the Odigitria (Hodegetria), there are many wonderful frescoes, and special attention should be paid to the magnificent wooden cross, on which one of the monks labored for about fifteen years. His carvings are just amazing (scenes from the Bible, figures of saints, Bulgarian history, the history of the monastery).

Of course, this is not a complete list of what has to offer Russian tourists Bulgaria. The country is just wonderful. Here want to return again and again.

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