What to do if attacked by a bear?

Traveling through the woods, including «bear» trails not to ban. Many people love camping, but prefer a remote vacation, climbing in the dead of the thicket. In depth areas, may meet with the beast. Therefore it is better to prepare in advance and know what to do if attacked by a bear.

1. Calmness, only calmness

Calmness, only calmness

If moving along the trail, you will see that you meet the bear is, first of all you need to calm down and stand still. Next, you carefully remove the backpack and put it in front of him. Almost every animal reacts to running. Do not think that you will be able to escape from a bear, or to escape by swimming. The evidence suggests that the bear is able to catch up with the horse, and individuals living on the Kamchatka Peninsula, moves through the water at a speed of 8 km

If you stand still, the bear may lose interest in you and go about their business, and maybe attack. If you are not able to distract attention from himself and the beast is coming to you, then it is important to know what to do if attacked by a bear.

2. Who louder the rights

Who louder the rights

Man if Dating foe evaluates its physical form, the presence of weapons and other factors. The animals also have their own criteria by which they assess the opponent. Therefore, there is a chance to scare the bear. It is recommended to rise above, raise hands, jacket, stomp and make loud noises. If you are not traveling alone, then you can stand on the shoulders of a comrade.

Bear needs to feel the danger and to retreat. An interesting fact is that when strong fright, clubfoot can sometimes be heart breaking, but should not rely heavily on the outcome of the meeting.

3. The time has come to arm

The time has come to arm

What to do if attacked by a beast, and you have a weapon? If it’s a knife, it makes no sense to use it. The bear skull is so strong that a blow with melee weapons leaving only a small scratch. This attack greatly angered the bear.

If the animal began to growl and dig the earth, then it is time drastic measures. You can use a gun if it is. To shoot, of course, in the air, but not clumsy. All bears are afraid of shots, because there’s a chance he will back down.

4. Saving height

Saving height

If weapons or fireworks no means necessary to think of an escape plan. To avoid attacks, you need to throw at a bear backpack. It is possible to win a few minutes until the bear will engage a bag, you need to run to the nearest tree.

Climbing the tree is only capable young bear. This fact may play in favor of retreating. Seeing any tree, you should try to climb up on it. Even if the bear is stalking you, keep climbing up. The maximum altitude you can climb the beast, is not more than 3 m. Some time bear moving around the tree, but realizing that the lost production will leave his post.

What to do if a bear attacked?

If you are not able to scare the bear or hide at the top, then the attack is imminent. In this case, the only hope for one thing, that the bear will leave you a snack. Better to stand still and not to move. To hide its prey a bear will dig or find a hole, put the body and throws twigs. As soon as the bear goes, it will be possible to get out.

Walking through the forest, we should not forget that you are not on-site. For animals you are a guest, and, in their opinion, unwelcome. Therefore, you should take precautions not to catch fish in front of the bear, during a halt to loud sounds. After a meal, do not leave leftovers, eat them as clumsy, can go on your trail

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