What red caviar is the best

Nowadays almost no festive feast is complete without a delicacy, like caviar. The holiday was a success, and the guests were happy with the proposed cuts, it is important, before the meal to determine what red caviar is the best, and buy only the best tasting product.

Not only delicious, but also useful!

Useful red caviar

Red caviar thanks to the presence of many beneficial nutrients helps fight premature aging, promoting rejuvenation of the whole organism, and to combat the sexual weakness. Protein this product digest much better, improving a person’s vitality, that is, the eating of caviar improves metabolic processes in the body and cause a sensation of considerable energy. Apart from the protein in this product is iodine, which is needed for normal functioning of the thyroid gland. The product also has vitamins a, E And D that maintain human health and improve its immune system.

Tasty product from salmon!

This incredibly valuable and useful product is obtained from fish belonging to the Salmonidae family, which are represented by pink salmon, keta, sockeye salmon, trout, coho and Chinook salmon. The protein levels, the usefulness of the fat and eggs of these fish is the same, but the flavor characteristics of it are different.

Red caviar

Therefore, each person decides for himself what red caviar is the best and tasty as one like the small ROE, and someone who is a lover of grains of large size. And here is one of some salmon caviar – this should be a good deal, to be able to choose the product according to their taste preferences.

Chum salmon caviar has a large size (usually 5-9 mm). It is characterized by its proper form in the form of a ball and amber-orange. Because of the bright color product caviar is the perfect decoration for any types of dishes. Despite its high taste characteristics, like it not all, but all due to the fact that it has a very thick shell.

Large red caviar

Pink salmon caviar in our country can be called the most popular. Its universal taste of almost all people. The eggs of this fish have not a very thick shell and orange color. The quantity of salmon caviar in the first place, so in our supermarkets, you can often find this type of caviar.

Sockeye caviar on sale today is uncommon because the number of salmon this fish is rapidly decreasing, and the taste of the meat of this fish a much better taste. The eggs of this fish have small size, bright red color and have a hint of bitterness.

Trout spawn EN masse today goes to the Russian market and is gaining popularity among buyers. This caviar is the most shallow, and the color can be from yellow to orange. Those who decide for themselves what red caviar is the best, you should definitely try this delicacy, because the taste of this caviar a lot of people think it’s great.

Trout caviar

Coho salmon caviar size does not exceed 4 mm and is Often confused with the eggs of sockeye salmon, but the main difference of this product is the lack of spicy bitterness inherent in typically the sockeye caviar.

Caviar Chinook is big enough (6-7 mm), you’ll be a bitter taste and has a rich red color. However, just because eggs of this fish in supermarkets doesn’t come across as this salmon species is represented in the red Book.

What red caviar is the best?

The best caviar is only natural. Before making a purchase of red caviar is to carefully read the label on the jar. The composition should be eggs, salt and a minimum of preservatives. A jar of caviar is better to take the glass to better examine content. Eggs must be of the same color and consistent, and they should easily separate from each other.

Decorate dishes with red caviar

Also very important to look at the date of manufacture of the product – remember that caviar is produced in summer (July-August). So if the caviar is made in December, then you should think twice before you buy such a delicacy.

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