What Meldonium

Meldonium is metabolic means, having antihypoxic, cardioprotective and adaptogenic effect, improves blood circulation in the brain. Very often, athletes are given the questions and what Meldonium and what positive action it has.

what Meldonium


Meldonium was previously allowed substance for adoption by the athletes, he never acted as doping, it is therefore often used even high-class athletes. Many athletes called him safe drug, because anything to do with different stimulants physical activity, he had not.

General information about the drug

This metabolic means, has on the body stimulating and protective effect that helps to normalize all cells, are prone to nutritional deficits or hypoxia. Today this substance is very widely used in medicine, because it has a positive effect on the time of the infarction, with coronary artery disease and other heart diseases.

Initially the drug was intended as a growth stimulant in animals and birds, grown large rural farms. The patented drug was in the United States in 1984, but after some time was closed for issue and sale. Even the unique almost not there to get them extremely difficult.

Meldonium and its application

Meldonium is a white powder that has a crystalline structure. It can be produced in the form of capsules and tablets indications for use in medicine the following:

  • Strokes and heart attacks.
  • Physical and nervous exhaustion.
  • Circulatory failure.
  • Coronary artery disease, heart failure.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Diabetes.

use of Meldonium

Also, very often the drug was used in sports because of its positive effect was very justified. Many assume that the substance must only accept those people who have some irregularities in the system. For healthy people Meldonium will not provide any assistance. Some athletes who suffer the occurrence of hypoxia, use the substance, to obtain a rapid flow of oxygen to the cells, in connection with its use.

In this case, often use the drug in pill form, because it’s absorbed quickly in the digestive tract. The substance is excreted from the body relatively long, it will take 12-24 hours, but some samples of the substance found in the body even after 2 months.


Contraindications exist for each drug, and Meldonium is no exception. It is not recommended for pregnant women and persons under 18 years of age. Also very often there is an individual intolerance of the drug, therefore without the aid of medical specialists not recommended. In case of overdose may experience different indigestion, nausea, increased blood pressure, headaches, swelling and itching throughout the body. The phenomenon is very unpleasant, that is why one should go consult a specialist and only then use it.

The use of substances in sport

Drug use in sports was discovered not so long ago, in medicine it was used much earlier. Some athletes a very long time used the drug as a vitamin agent, which has no effect on athletic performance.

Meldonium in sports

But Russian sport changed his mind after opened doping scandal. Today Meldonium officially assigned to a class of hormones, and its use is strictly prohibited at the time of the competition and in front of them.

Many wonder why need to use Meldonium? Foreign experts say that the drug has always been used by athletes to adapt to stress, improving physical activity and capacity of the organism, as it is an excellent tool for reducing post-workouts and injuries of various kinds.

Meldonium – drug

From 1 January 2016 Meldonium was officially called a banned substance. Today the detection of a substance in the blood of the athlete suggests that the athlete will be suspended for 4 years. The whole doping scandal began with the recognition of Maria Sharapova that she was in for 10 years used this product. As she said, she attributed to the drug doctor.

Meldonium Sharapova

After this scandal, several athletes were found to use Meldonium with the aim of improving sports performance. For almost a year the drug is not allowed to use at the time professional and world competitions, so its use among athletes has declined significantly.

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