What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life is one of the most popular and most complex issues from the point of view of philosophy. This problem is related to the search for the final goal of existence, study a very long time, is still not resolved and is unlikely to ever be.

what is the meaning of life

The essence of the controversy

Philosophers, reflecting on what is the meaning of life, considering the appointment of a person as a biological species, but they pay attention to individualism personality.

Usually the problem rises when the estimated life, studied its results and achievements, the awareness of life’s direction and their own place in the world. Thus, the paper discusses three key aspects.

  • What are the main values of life?
  • What is the main purpose of every human life?
  • Why you should live?

In addition to philosophy, all these questions are studied by the science of theology, and are also common in literary stories. Regardless, the answer to the question (albeit vague) is constantly changing over time, starting from the problems in society, peculiarities of human life and even facts in history.


What is the meaning of life?

Most often, if someone is living in quite favorable conditions, he sees the meaning of life in their own (and not only) happiness, peace and satisfaction. However, if that same person gets in absolutely other conditions, for example, under martial law, his opinion may change.

People in ancient times had their own ideas about what the meaning of life. For example, the famous Socrates thought it important to investigate the nature of virtue,» to cultivate and to use ethical knowledge to their lives.

Aristotle believed the most important happiness that, in his opinion, was achieved at the expense of spiritual work and research activities. Epicurus put at the head of the lack of physical pain and anxiety, the minimum amount of suffering.

The cynics focused on that for happiness it is necessary to be able to be content with little and to avoid evil. They believed that in order to achieve the independence and peace of mind.

Also in Ancient Greece and Rome, there was the doctrine of the Stoics, according to which a key aspect is the morality and resistance to various irritating factors.

the doctrine of the Stoics

The meaning of life in different trends

In the middle ages the answer to this question is focused on the veneration of ancestors, the embodiment of class values. The closer life the son was to the life of the distinguished man, the better.

In the nineteenth century spread irrationalism. According to this doctrine, the pursuit of pleasure, in the end, this becomes a cause of disappointment, and the meaning of life is austerity. According to Arthur Schopenhauer, the key point is the fight against death and lifelong suffering.

According to existentialism, life is filled with absurdity, but because everyone should create their own values, because there is no certainty. It’s very simple from the point of view of nihilism – no meaning in life do not have any, so we just need to use the allotted time fun.

Finally, this issue has been dealt with from the point of view of social psychology. In the late nineteenth century Alfred Adler was expressed for the idea that life is a constant attempt to achieve something bigger in specific situations. He considered that particular importance is a purpose to which man should strive all his life.

the meaning of life

What’s the answer?

You can spend many years to study what the meaning of life seemed to different people. Even today, passing through the street, interviewing people who may collect hundreds of options. Someone will say that makes no sense, and nothing at all to look for him. Others speak about religion, rebirth of the soul and the necessity of high morality. Others say that everyone should leave something behind, let it be at least a child.

In order to understand the answers, it is worth remembering what was said in the beginning, people’s opinions on this issue were varied, especially depending on their life and historical situation. Thus, a single answer can not exist. Everyone is able to find its own meaning, and it is, moreover, easily changing over time. The meaning of life for everyone, and sometimes not one.

find the meaning of life

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