What is hematocrit and it increases why?

What is the hematocrit are well aware of not only doctors, but also those who often have to take blood because of various diseases. The hematocrit is the ratio of erythrocytes and human blood plasma. Also called a device by which the figure is measured.

The hematocrit – per liter liter as both the first and the second substance is measured in this value. Then, the data are multiplied by a hundred percent result is the hematocrit.

It is worth noting that the figure may be different from men, women and children. So, in men with hematocrit in the range from 42 to 50 %. In women it is lower – from 30 to 42%. Various indicators in children: the hematocrit of the newborn is 10% higher than that of older children.

Typically, this ranges only in case of serious changes inside the body, external factors have minimal effect. So one person’s hematocrit may be kept approximately at the same level throughout life – if in the body there will be no breaking changes.

If the blood test showed that elevated hematocrit is worth to pay attention on health condition, especially if a history of any chronic disease. Maybe they pointed and required to undergo treatment. But worry ahead of time is not necessary, sometimes the improvement is temporary and not associated with the development of pathologies. Sometimes the blood sampling and the analysis itself was conducted properly. The deal will help the only doctor.

Why may increase hematocrit

Hematocrit shows that the number of red blood cells increased. But it does not shows what quality they are. Therefore, diagnosis based only on this score, the doctor will not, and will prescribe additional tests. An increased hematocrit may indicate the following phenomena and diseases, such as:

  • renal dysfunction;
  • dehydration;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • heart defects;
  • oxygen starvation.

Found that in pregnant women before birth, the hematocrit decreases. But if blood sampling Vienna for a long time peredelyvalis harness – the figure will be inflated but erroneous.

Hematocrit level has much to tell the doctor about the patient’s condition and often helps to identify the early stages of a particular disease. But it is necessary to repeat that this indicator alone for an accurate diagnosis is not enough.

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