What if the dog had ceased to be a friend?

Among the accidents occurring on the street, most of them refer to the injuries sustained in the attack dogs. The reasons of aggression of the animal can be many: protection of the territory, offspring or meeting with a trained dog. Since we assume this contact is not possible, then you must learn ways to protect themselves from dogs.

Growls, barks but does not bite

No, it’s not a mystery, and one of the variants of encounter with a street dog. Thus, he warns you of a possible attack. What to do in this case? Need to leave dog guarded territory and to consider options of protection in the event of an attack. To do this, slowly bend down, not taking his eyes from the animal and pick any object: a stone, a stick or a handful of soil. If nothing suitable is at hand will not appear, then remove the shoes.

Armed with it, you can slowly retreat from the dog, but in any case not to turn my back on her. When you go to her site, then she will lose interest in you.

Check the team

Another option to avoid a collision with an aggressive dog is to try different teams. Try to clearly and loudly tell her «fu». If she responds, praise him and repeat the command. Many dogs show an interest in the word «cat», they forget about you and go looking for her. You can also try the command «Aport», if the dog reacts, pick up from the ground with a stick or stone and throw it to the other side.

How to protect yourself?

If you see that the dog is ready to attack, then run only if nearby is a house, a fence, a tree or a vertical ladder. Otherwise, she’ll catch up quickly, since it runs several times faster. If near a lake, river, then you can go to her waist. In the water the dog will not attack you.

If you see that a collision is unavoidable, then try to protect your back, for example, to become the tree or wall. On hand necessary to wind coat, scarf, shirt and put her bent elbow forward. This for a while would distract her attention. Because you will not last long, try to strike her a blow. The most sensitive spots in dogs is the nose, ribs, joints of the feet. In addition, call for help, maybe somewhere in the neighborhood to be its owner.

Of course, better never to be in this situation. These guidelines will help not to get lost while attacking the aggressive animal, which could end very badly.

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