What I want to ask a plastic surgeon, but shy

The introduction of new technologies in medicine have made plastic surgery affordable and popular. With its help solve many aesthetic problems: correction of the face, nose, ears, eyes, belly, chest.

Women a special thrill to their appearance, therefore more of them among applicants for cosmetic surgery than men. Most often the main reason for the loss of beautiful forms is the birth of a child, breast-feeding, age ageing. Sagging belly, asymmetrical Breasts, stretch marks, scar after cesarean section – is not a complete list.


But there is a psychological barrier that does not allow to cross the threshold of the clinic. Embarrassment and shame because of their deficiencies leads to the fact that people suffer, not daring to take the first step towards an attractive body.

Hard work, exhausting diets, exercise does not guarantee 100% success in a short time, in contrast to the plastic of the body.

The choice of clinic and surgeon should be approached with responsibility. Seek the advice of a specialist, has positive reviews and a large number of successful operations.

To describe the problem and to get professional advice on the site http://manygoodtips.com/www.dr-nesterenko.ru/vopros-otvet in the rubric «question-answer». There is a convenient functionality that allows you to send your request in an anonymous form, specifying address.

Special cases

In the General section of questions gathered often interested in the topic: how to remove bags under the eyes, optimal time for correction of the breast after lactation, in the period of healing of scars, the conditions of residence of nonresident patients, schedule a consultation by phone or online.

Each reported case is individual, so the General recommendation should encourage the patient to personally come to talk with the doctor. Following the inspection, appoints analyzes, based on which they adopt a conclusion on the feasibility of the operation. One should not ignore the contraindications, which include the course of inflammatory processes, stroke in anamnesis, chronic kidney disease, diabetes. In case of detection eliminates the complications is assigned to preoperative therapy.

The operation is performed under General or local anesthesia depending on the areas of the body. The postoperative period lasts from several months to a year. Required from the patient and comply with the established doctor mode, avoid stress, heavy exercise, hard to observe the rules of hygiene.

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