What happens if within 30 days of liquids to drink only water?

We all know that person means a lot in this life, and without it it is impossible to do. Undoubtedly, each of our cells the body needs fluid, as if it were a flower, for which you need to constantly care for. In these moments there is a special line for comparison of a person with this plant because if it is water in sufficient quantity, it will bloom on and on, but if you don’t, it will wither.

Drinking water

We love to take water, which destroys the sense of thirst also in plants, but often drink not only water, but coffee, tea, drinks, alcohol and so on. But if to forget about everything for thirty days and drink only water? And it is not going to change their preferences in meal, and will behave the same as before, but use only water instead of other liquids.

Of course, as many have guessed, first we will be able to save a lot of money. It should be remembered that in the original water contains nutrients. But what we can get in 30 days?

1. Increase mental and creative abilities

Increase mental and creative abilities

After the expiry of 30 days, we may wonder intrinsic activity of the brain that will perceive all actions much faster than before. Because our brain constantly needs oxygen to increase their efficiency, but one of the best boosters for the brain is only water. If you constantly take the water, we will achieve good focus and essential thinking. In day it is necessary to take approximately eight to ten glasses of water can improve cognitive ability by 30 percent.

2. Youth is paramount

Thanks to drinking water have the ability to suspend the aging process where there will be constant water balance in the body. Sure, it moisturizes the skin, making it healthy, well-groomed and young at the same time supports your muscle tissue in good shape.

Youth is paramount

One 40-year-old mother wanted to try this experiment on himself, where it was possible to achieve good changes in life, and it happened in just 30 days, using only water.

3. Stabilization of the immune status

Stabilization of the immune status

If moderately drink water, it is possible to recover the liver and kidneys. Thus we can reduce the number of possible kidney stones, and get rid of headaches, which could be much less.

4. Improvement heart rhythm

Improvement heart rhythm

Also helps the heart stay healthy, where many times decreases the risk of heart attacks or strokes, and it is often found in our lives. The blood in the body to become thinner, thus the blood pressure becomes lower. If you drink water, the delivery of oxygen to the body organs will reach faster than usual.

5. Strengthen bones

Strengthen bones

Carried out the rehabilitation of cartilage, improve motor function in the joints and reducing the burden on them.

6. Getting rid of fat

If you regularly carry out the process of water intake within thirty days, the body during this time emits harmful toxins and wastes accumulated in the body. Undoubtedly, this helps your body to be much cleaner and eliminates a small amount of fat.

Getting rid of fat

First, the constant water intake will increase your body mass, because this would never have happened, and your body will gradually metabolize. It will take some time and everything will fall into place, and you will feel better. Where water will also remove your sense of hunger, which is a good thing for weight loss. Thereby able to consume a little less calories and that means you’ll be able to lose weight. After all, your body will focus on cleansing from all harmful substances, therefore, reduced hunger, which stops when the fluid intake.

Also, nutritionists recommend that before eating, drink 1 or 2 glasses of clean water, which will help your stomach to take food in the right quantities, it does not allow you to overeat. All you need is to consume water and nothing more.

7. Progressive improvement of metabolism

Progressive improvement of metabolism

Researchers have shown that the use of drinking water be careful metabolism and this does not affect the diet. In the morning you should drink a pint of water can raise metabolism by 24 percent, and he is responsible for chemical reactions in the body.

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