What hair-brush

Before you pay the cashier for a new dryer, you need to decide for what purpose purchased this appliance. He will serve on a daily basis or be removed from the box only once a week? Will he be the assistants in the paper priglazhivaniem rebellious Vikhrov or required only the usual drying wet strands? Needs the device to create volume from the roots to lay or milled bangs?

Based on the response, you can select the model:

  • with one nozzle;
  • with additional diffuser;
  • hair-brush (otherwise referred to as Styler).

If the final choice fell on the third option, you can be sure that from this minute volume of the caret on the leg or «torn» haircut will look great as from under the hand of a professional stylist.

Innovation in the field of detention

Most hairdressers use hair dryers with concentrator. Odd name means well-known around the nozzle with a flat, tapering to the end. In tandem with a round brush concentrator works wonders, turning obediently head in wavy curls. Of course, the great merit of the master, who is good with tools. But what if you see beauty in the mirror you want every morning?

You can try to learn a diffuser. It is also called nozzle finger. They are convenient to untangle curly strands of hair or hair permed. This tip is included with many devices for drying. But it does have its disadvantages:

  • «fingers» loosely adhere to the scalp without creating the neatest hairstyle;
  • the bowl of the diffuser can be cumbersome;
  • plastic bushes unpleasant scratching delicate skin;
  • absolutely not suitable for straight or very long hair.

In the quest to free your bathroom from the additional attachments, combs, Curling irons and «irons», the girls are looking for the perfect Hairdryer. And seem to find the apparatus with a brush. It is equally good both for ultra-short haircuts and long hairstyles. Indeed, this invention can be considered an innovation in the field of styling and grooming.

The use of air brushes

There is an opinion that worth to buy only professional equipment. If they last longer, work better, provide a higher quality result. But they are much higher than not-so-reputable modification. So, a professional Styler will cost quite expensive. A conventional unit has a price almost twice cheaper.

If you buy a hair-brush from the brand category for the mass market, then the money will be retained and the desired effect is achieved. There are several factors that you need to pay attention to when buying.

The nozzle diameter

The shorter the hair, the less it needs to be. Otherwise, the owner of lush hair will ever fight with mats and fans of a boys haircut – going distracted.

Heat mode

Ideally, air brushes should be three modes: hot air for instant drying, warm air for good styling and cold flows in order to fix the result.


Will be the salvation for those who suffer from static electricity that builds up hair.

Top 3 styling hair dryer-brush

This brush is able to cope with tresses of any length, structure and type. Can be a little podwal tips or to put the spectacular «wave». To create the volume from scratch or to tame the mane.

Short hair

Apply a styling tool on wet but not too wet strands. To put on the device average temperature. Grabbing the strands to the top, put them in the opposite direction. This creates an easy artistic mess, but it also represents hair exactly. Fix varnish or powder to add volume.

Curly hairstyle

Cascade of shiny curls can be achieved if to washed and dried hair apply the cream or spray with heat protection with the same function. It structures the scales of the hair and facilitates styling. The hair is divided into four parts, starting with wide strands from his forehead. For convenience, you can secure each of the pins, releasing as you move drying. Styling to begin with the frontal part of the head. A strand of hair wound on the brush, fixed at the roots for a minute or more. After all strands have the person acquire proper form, you can proceed to the back of the head. At the end of blink, spray fixing tool to step into a cloud of hair spray, gently fluff the hair with your fingers, not using a comb.

Long braid

The dryer must not blow hot air, it can damage the tips. This styling requires more time, but the result is worth it. Who knows, maybe over time a large catalog of dryers will introduce this hairstyle, as an example the most successful morning styling? The hair at the roots looked bulky, you should pay special attention to the top. Then brush to pull strands across the length of growth.

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