What country is the biggest in the world

Many people are very interested in a survey what country is the biggest in the world? The answer for any citizen of our country, seems obvious. On our planet a lot of States 233. «Greatest» can you call a country that has the largest area, or the one that has the largest number of people living on its territory.



Of course, the largest country by area on the planet — Russia. The area of our country is over 17 million square kilometers, and given the fact that the surface area of the entire planet — 148,94 million sq. km. and Thus, Russian territory is about 11.5 percent of the entire globe. Russia is located in Eurasia, not only occupies the Northern lands of Asia, but about 40 percent of Europe. It is the only country in the world, which is located in 11 time zones at once. It is not surprising that the climatic conditions from place to place are very different from warm to cold and wet and windy. In spite of everything, considered Russia a European country for the simple reason that the capital Moscow is located in the Western part of the state. Another reason — the population is culturally much more different from Asians than Europeans.

In addition, in Russia the most significant reserves of mineral resources — there are a lot of mineral resources, oil fields and the like. Was lucky with the water, and a tree — a significant number of forest reserves, water bodies, and can not speak, a quarter of the world’s reserves belong to the Russian Federation. That there is only one lake Baikal, the deepest and largest on the planet. The number of rivers and streams in the tens of thousands, we located the longest river in Europe — Volga. From all this information it becomes clear what country is the biggest in the world, can not continue, but it’s worth to tell about the rest. A lot in Russia and a variety of birds and animals, more than 260 mammal species and 780 bird species.



And the variety of terrain? It is in Russia very different. From the lowlands and marshes, which are below the level of the oceans to the great and rugged mountains. The lowest areas in the country are located near the lower reaches of the Volga river, and mountains in Russia, many from the gray Urals, the oldest mountains encircling Russia to high and warm the Caucasus, and settled where the peak of our country — the MT.


The Kremlin

But with a population not so dense — the country is on the 9th position, all with a population of about 140 million. People live on the territory of the 21 republics, the largest of them Yakutiya, and it is located in the far East of Russia. Russia — the multinational state in which territory it is possible to meet representatives of different nationalities. A large number of attractions and natural beauty attracts many tourists, some of whom want to return to Russia again and again. There are very interesting-lying areas — for example, the Kaliningrad region, which with the rest of Russia has no boundaries, but is completely surrounded by EU countries. Our state has and Islands, especially in the Arctic ocean, however, despite their large size, most of them almost deserted — affected by a very harsh climate. But neighbors, more than anyone, even the U.S., which would seem quite far, have with Russia a common Maritime border.

The most populated country


And what country is the biggest in the world by population? This, of course, China. Just think the population already exceeds 1334000000 people, and is still expanding. It is noted that resident in that state about 20 percent of all people of the Earth. Of course, the area he, too, is not small, it has significant 3.7 million square kilometers. Despite this, the Chinese very closely.

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