Weave two colors

Weave the two colors is a coloring procedure that can have one of several options: staining with smooth transitions and contrasting color highlights. We have long applied to lighting with smooth transitions, as long as the wizard has mastered the technology of coloring the strands on the foil, parchment and the open air. Two tone hair coloring involves the use of a paint which differs in one or more colours depending on what the purpose of the procedure.

Goals can be different: if you need a deeper amount of hair it is recommended to take tone with a minimal difference, to obtain the effect of glare difference should be 3-4 shades. Laboratory specialists staining http://manygoodtips.com/colbacolorbar.ru/ how to choose shades in an optimal way to get the most effective result. The photos of models close-up, visible differences between colours.

The second option highlights the two colors involves the use of two colors with a smooth transition. Thus take different colors that can be naturally and harmoniously combined with each other, they are included in the overall coloring scheme and can give the hair the desired look. For two tone hair coloring is most often used parchment or foil. This technique is relevant for frequent clarification of strands, American painting and asymmetry.

The technique of painting

Often the photo in the specialized journals demonstrate the procedure and the whole technology of dyeing. First, the Central strand is covered with the same color, wrapped in foil, and then processed two strands of smaller volume at the sides. Upon closer examination of the photos shows that the center strand is more light, and on each side there are thin and smooth transitions. This weave looks pretty impressive.

American highlights and cross dyeing of the strands is different from the longitudinal. At the same time for one strands gradually flows from natural dark shade at the roots to nearly white at the tips, while the effect of the burnable hair turns natural as possible. This is done using several shades, however the master-the professional colour lab http://manygoodtips.com/colbacolorbar.ru/ able to use two colors to dye strands with the same result only by changing the concentration of the bleaching solution.

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