Warmer fur

Fur was and will always be in fashion. Fur is particularly relevant in our latitudes, where winter is extremely cold and more than half the year, cold. So our girls can enjoy wearing beautiful coats, creating fashionable images. Only need to buy the most warm fur, because a cold so I want to feel warm and feel complete comfort. Sellers fur products often in the pursuit of profit offer customers a variety of fur that cannot be described as particularly warm. Therefore, it is important to understand what is to prefer fur, so winter was really warm.

The coat needs to be sewn from the fur

Moreover, you should pay attention to the style of the product – much warmer a fur coat is a floor-length hooded than the cropped trapezoidal model with three quarter sleeve. Now let’s see, animal fur is considered the warmest fur?

1st place – the fur of the wolf, a Navy seal, and reindeer

Vest W jutra Vovk

Many sellers of fur products claim that fur coats Fox, mink, Fox and sable are the most warm. However, it is not so. The absolute leader in thermal properties will be fur of animals such as the wolf, reindeer and marine mammals. This fur is worn by mainly the inhabitants of those Northern regions, where these animals live. This fur is very warm, but is considered exotic. Therefore, to find in sale of the fur coat of these animals can be extremely rare, and the cost of the product will be very high.

2nd place – the fur of a camel and a llama

Cape fur Lama

It is also the most warm fur, which is also exotic. The price for fur of these animals can reach many thousands of dollars. The fur of the camel is very heavy and for sewing of fur coats, so is rarely used. But the llama fur is popular among famous fashion designers who offer unique fur items for all fashionistas of the world.

3rd place – sheepskin, fur of bear and otter

The fur mouse, and W

Traditionally people sew a fur coat made of bear fur, as it is considered the most warm fur, and is suitable for use in harsh Russian conditions. This coat is able to retain heat for a long time. These same properties, of otters and fur sheepskin. Today, however, to find in specialized stores a coat of bear or otter is quite difficult.

But in our time provides many products made by sheepskin, called Mouton. Such coats and beautiful, and have excellent heat-shielding properties. Mutton fur coats is not terrible, wet weather, snow and strong frost, so they are very suitable for everyday wear, plus they are quite acceptable.

4th place – blue Fox fur, Fox, beaver, sable and marten

These are the most common fur who prefer to buy it in our country, lovers of fur. The fur of these animals are almost identical in their thermal insulation characteristics, but there are some differences in the methods of processing materials. The fur of the beaver is still prized since time immemorial, products of such furs were to know rich people.

Coat s jutra beaver

The fur of this animal is very soft, attractive in appearance and is the warmest. A feature of the fur of the beaver is that even under the wet snow it does not get wet, but on the contrary, it becomes even more fluffy and retains heat for a long time. Careless sellers often give products for nutria beaver fur coats, so it is worth knowing that the fur nutria is under-wool with hairs that stick out, and the fur of the beaver is more smooth and even.

Fox fur is also very handsome and is able to provide great warmth. Due to the long pile of this fur accumulates heat and is cold-resistant. No fashionista is capable of not indifferently pass by the fur of a Fox, as these coats are incredibly beautiful. These products are meant for those who do not like the cold and used to feel comfortable and beautiful. The most popular are the products from the silver Fox – if you wear a coat, then frost will definitely not terrible.

Fur coat Fox fur

Sable products are quite popular among customers for an incredible luxury, perfect appearance, high quality and excellent insulating properties. Thick and silky pile sable is very beautiful in the sun light, is very light and durable. The warmth of this fur keeps for a long time, so in Russia was very fond of sable fur. The most expensive fur is the fur Barguzin sable, and sable if you need the product more affordable, we will approach the Yenisei sable.

Sable fur coat

Blue Fox fur is very durable and quite warm. The undercoat is thick and long pile makes the fur of the Arctic Fox warm. However, this fur, in contrast sable is quite heavy, so often used for the finishing of fur.

Jutro Pesca

5th place – mink, muskrat, nutria, Astrakhan, seal, raccoon dog

The product of these mechs, in comparison with the above and have less capacity to retain heat. Therefore, such mechanisms are best used in countries with a temperate climate. But the mink fur is very popular in our country. However, you must know that there are different types of mink, which are grown in different conditions. For our weather conditions are suitable fur mink, which are grown in the North in those regions from animals grows much thicker and dense fur, so fur coats made of this fur will be much warmer.

Fur coat s mink jutra

And the coldest are the chinchilla fur and ermine. So, if you want to buy an incredibly attractive thing of fur and warming her abilities are in last place, it is possible to stay on the products data from the bellows.

And finally, note that choosing a fur coat, it is not necessary to give preference to products too easy. After all, that coat has become easier, furriers have resorted to some tricks, for example, stretch the fur, resulting in skin thickness becomes smaller and the distance between the hairs increases. In the end, the coat is not so warm.

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