Want a strong night — no nuts, not live!

No such man who does not wish to have excellent potency, even in old age. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle not only affect overall health but also on male power.

What should such order not to experience problems in intimacy? Of course, nuts! Any and all — walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts – a source of vitamins and minerals, which regulate not only the reproductive system, but also a beneficial effect on the male body as a whole. We were shocked to see the effect of the nuts for potency.

The secret to nuts?

Since ancient times, people used to eat not only for saturation, but also to promote health. Moreover, food could cure various diseases and also to raise libido. To products, which increases the strength of the men enrolled in the nuts. Moreover, there are no such nationalities, which would disprove this fact. They have substances which now are called aphrodisiacs.

Many men like to use hazelnuts or peanuts with beer. They get a lot of vitamins E, K, A, C, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, folic acid, essential oils and fiber. All this affects the quality of semen, improves blood circulation, lowers blood cholesterol, supports the heart system and digestive organs.

Each type of nuts has a different chemical content, and its good for the body:

  • Walnuts are rich in fatty acids which stimulate the production of testosterone in the blood. And yet it is responsible for the main male hormone that helps to cope with diabetes and cholelithiasis. In its raw form, it needs to be the same color as ivory, pure and in any case not gray. It is fairly inexpensive and very common form of aphrodisiacs.
  • • Almonds – prevents tumors due to the presence of vitamin b-17. And arginine, which is part of, supports the potency.
  • Pistachios have unsaturated fats, folic acid, zinc a positive effect on the composition and quality of sperm. If they are included in your daily diet, you can protect yourself from heart attacks in the future.
  • Cashew is a carrier of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, protein, actively participating in the sexual organs.
  • Hazelnut in addition to trace elements and minerals, low-calorie and anti-aging products of plant origin. Improves prostate and peanuts.

Of course, all of these products should be consumed preferably without salt and chemical additives, and walnuts are good because they without fear can be eaten raw and unprocessed which affect the preservation of all useful substances of plant product. More detalye recommendations here.

Tips grandfather

People are aware that nuts can affect the quality of sex life better and safer set of drugs conservative medicine. Eating a couple of nuts on a daily basis, you can ensure yourself a healthy reproductive system. Careful wife will always fill a vase or a bowl of nuts. And rightly so.

To use nuts with natural ingredients (yogurt, sour milk, honey, goat’s milk) is always helpful and nice. Here are some recipes using them:

  • 1. Recipe. Crushed in a wooden mortar walnuts not roasted and not salted nut. Add a spoonful of liquid natural honey. Taken at bedtime daily for two to three weeks. Then take a short break by going to a different kind of nuts, and two weeks later, repeat the course. Treats for potency is well kept in the refrigerator, do not require a considerable time for its preparation. It is very common among the Slavs.
  • 2. Recipe. Useful to combine nuts with dried fruit – figs, raisins, papaya, prunes, dried apricots. Mix everything, eat in small proportions instead of the capsules with the vitamins. The mixture should be eaten for Breakfast, accompanied with delicious vitamin composition belongs to the yogurt or yogurt.
  • 3. Recipe. A glass of goat milk with honey known as a powerful aphrodisiac, and your favorite nuts is a great indispensable tool.

Most importantly, not to focus on one recipe at the same time alternating. But it is important to remember that this is not a panacea. Physical activity, relaxation, inner harmony and proper nutrition are the key to a healthy prostate. Affect the erection in several ways much more effectively and efficiently.

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