View Prime films in December 2015 in Russia!

In early December 2015 and plan to release a lot of Prime movie. Some of them read below.

Bone Tomahawk

The horror lovers can recommend the film «Bone Tomahawk». At the edges of the city on yunee USA found cannibals. Because of this, the whole little town lives in fear. Hunt for Indian-kannibale out the Sheriff and his friend, a cowboy and a resident of the city who has his own, unknown motives. These four guys hit the road and are shocked by what you will find in the lair of the Indians… the nightmare is very difficult to survive and to realize.

Love The Coopers.

Before the Christmas holiday will be a new American online Comedy «Like Cooper». The film series «Fathers and sons». What can happen to the family? It can be anything! After all, the celebration of Cooper family gathered already for 4 generations, they all sit at the same table and not always happy with each other!

Love without commitment

Another us Comedy – «Love without commitment» will appear in December on the screens of… Film about the swindler and womanizer who try to pretend to build relationships. Starring: Jason Sudeikis and Alison brie. Whether they long deceive each other, or their relationship to become serious – we’ll see in December, right after watching a movie on kinotake!!

The incredible secret Loulou

For lovers of animation films also have great news – cartoon «the Incredible secret Loulou» talk about the wolf and rabbit. A strange combination of animals, of course, but these two are bosom buddies! Lulu – a kind of «mammoth», which always thought he was an orphan, but suddenly learned that the mother is alive and lives in a Country of wolves. Lulu, of course, goes in search of her, with a huge desire to learn the secret of his birth and to answer the question – why mom left him?

Money: the American dream

«Money: the American dream» — another Thriller. About the Jewish boy, Isaac, who in the 70s worked in the casino of tel Aviv. The place, frankly, questionable, and the crime quickly comes into the family of Isaac. He decides to move. The family moved to Los Angeles and Isaac all sorts of ways trying to achieve success in this vast metropolis.

About love

«About love» — the movie Rus of the slope, with Renata Litvinova (which guarantees success), Michael Efremov, Vladimir Mashkov and other famous actors of the Russian TV. What is love? Few can answer this question…. Here the heroes of the film online I can’t, but try. A pair of young people are following the anime, the girl – Secretary, Japanese – came with the goal to marry a Russian Artist, many other people – this is the main characters of the film. They are all different, but they share one thing – they believe in love!

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