Vegetable greens – pantry health

All green foods are rich in salts minerals and vitamins. Some plants are familiar to readers, some newbies in the beds. Because of the low calorie vegetable greens is recommended to use in diets. They are unpretentious, easy to grow, in one season the crop may be removed 2-3 times. Consider some of the leafy vegetables.

Greens and green vegetables


One of the most popular and well-loved cultures in the world. The home salad can be considered as Ancient Greece, where it was grown primarily for the medicinal properties, it is especially useful in combating insomnia. Lettuce contains lots of vitamins (P, C), alkaloid – lactucin, it calms the nervous system, improving sleep. Lettuce – annual crop, resistant to cold. Has several varieties: varieties of the leaf, lettuce, asparagus. For high yield it is necessary to provide salad fertile, moist soil. If the soil is acidic, it is necessary to carry out liming. It is good to place the salad after early potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage.

Lettuce, greens, vegetables

Start planting is mid-April, the lettuce seeds are small, for a more even seeding it mixed with sand. Watering is carried out, if necessary, removal of weeds in the same aisle systematically loosened. Harvest leaf lettuce removed within 30 days.

Iceberg salads can be grown seedlings. Seeds are sown in early April in boxes. The plants do not stretch, you must provide them with artificial daylight under cloudy weather. For planting in the garden the sprouts are ready in three to four weeks, head of culture located at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other. Lettuce salads like cool temperature – 18 – 20C. Harvest with sufficient formation kochanchikov.


Early ripening, cold-resistant culture. In the middle zone of greatest demand is for varieties: «Huge», «Progress», «Victoria», «Rostov». The stairs form a dense rosette of leaves, later formed a stalk with flowers. In the food used the young leaves. Succulent leaves contain the necessary trace elements: iron, potassium, iodine, sodium, and vitamins b, R, that Is, Thanks to the fresh taste, spinach is good for children’s nutrition, it is added to mashed potatoes, salads, entrees.

Spinach, green vegetables, greens

Due to the cold resistance, the young seedlings are not afraid of frosts to – 6C, so the planting can begin in early spring. Spinach demanding to moisture. Preparations for planting begin in the fall: bring on the prospective bed of 30 g of phosphorus fertilizers and 15 g of potassium per 1 sq. m. Organic fertilizers are applied no later than the year before planting, because fresh, organic leaves gives a specific taste and smell.

To emerge quickly and amicably, spinach seeds are soaked for two days, then dried. Spinach needs regular watering, especially during dry periods. If the plant is sickly and he needs feeding, you can use any nitrogen fertilizer. Feeding on the basis of potassium and phosphorus during the growing season is not used because they accelerate the appearance of the arrows. The first crop harvested in the form of young leaves in about a month.

Both cultures are prone to diseases such as powdery mildew, gray mold. To combat this scourge, you can use both chemical and biological means of protection.


Early-maturing leafy vegetable crop, looks like spinach. Amaranth resistant to pests, high yielding, long time no blooms, just leaves a long time to maintain tenderness and juiciness.

Green vegetables: amaranth

When planting seeds are buried is not deep, the first germination should be expected within two to three weeks. Like spinach, amaranth demanding to moisture and regular weeding. To maturity of the leaves is 1 – 1.5 months.

In order to obtain fresh herbs continuously, sowing of various crops is carried out every 2-3 weeks, providing a truly «green conveyor».

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