Varnish for wood

The oil varnish is a composition of increased stability, which is ensured by the presence of fluids natural oils. Inexpensive varieties of this material most often contain artificial ingredients such as driers and solvents. Oil varnishes are ideal for internal finishing.

Types of paint for wood

Resin varnishes are characterized by the presence in their composition of natural resins that give the material ductility. After drying, the resin lacquers form a very durable film. Such compositions are extremely practical and comfortable to use, and their lifetime is at least 10-15 years. They are used for both exterior and for interior works.

Acrylic lacquers are very popular formulations for treatment of various children’s furniture and facilities. The main advantages of this material are good wear resistance and environmental friendliness, which determined its high demand and popularity among consumers.

What are the types of varnishes for wood, there are

Polyester varnishes are a kind of combination of several dozens of components. They are quite complex when applied, as they possess high malleability. The wood absorbs bad polyester varnishes, allowing them to form after applying a thick, waterproof coating. This protection prevents destruction of the wood from ultraviolet radiation, various chemicals and mechanical damage.

Alkyd paints are an innovative design, characterized by excellent technical characteristics. Due to the presence in their composition of synthetic resins, they have good resistance to abrasion and minor mechanical damage.

What varnish for wood better


Spirit varnishes for wood are education after drying, a brilliant and dense layer. Such coatings can be polished. Such mixtures are mainly used for the production of various musical instruments.

Polyurethane coatings are widely used for flooring in areas with high traffic. Their main advantage is high strength and good wear resistance. Polyurethane varnishes are quite expensive, although their high price is justified by excellent quality and durability of the coating.

Varnish for wooden surfaces to choose

The varnish used for wood, is the perfect means to ensure reliable protection of the material and preserve its texture. There are a number of reasons for the use of lacquer, not enamel or paint. The main ones:

  1. the ability to maintain pattern and unique texture of the wood material;
  2. creating rigid and stable protective coating;
  3. long service life;
  4. no need to touch-up to restore shade;
  5. fade resistance;
  6. the ability to withstand intense ultraviolet radiation.

The choice of the optimal kind of Polish is a rather complicated process. To prevent error, we need to consider requirements for the future appearance of the processed products, characteristics of its surface and of course your own financial capabilities.

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