Vaccinations – a necessary way of preventing diseases

Long time ago people noticed that once patients with infectious disease and successfully recovered the second time, do not become infected. So in the old days specially contracted from an infected person via clothing or linen, to bring the deadly disease in a mild form.

Preventive vaccinations for children

Modern drugs for vaccination

What is injected into our body with a syringe physicians, to improve the immune system? Medications for vaccinations contain live attenuated or killed vaccines and toxoids, obtained by neutralization of the toxin of the germ of diphtheria, cholera, botulism,… the body’s reaction to outside intervention is to develop proteins-immunoglobulins that actively begin to fight infection. Therefore, if the body gets an infection, against which a person was inoculated, the immune system will meet the enemy head-on.

Modern drugs for vaccination

Immunity that is produced after the «live» vaccinations, a healthy six months to five years. Vaccinations same killed vaccine keeps it in suspense less – up to one year. Live vaccines enter the body once dead, you need to enter two or three times with different intervals. Sometimes, in order to maintain immunity, you need a booster vaccination (re-vaccination). According to the rules it should be done in a few months or years after the first. It is necessary to strictly monitor compliance with the schedule of vaccinations and know what you should do. Only in this case, people can feel protected from unpleasant infections.

Why do we need vaccinations for kids

Basically, the effect of vaccination intended that the disease was mild, and she was immune to it. However, there is a list of contraindications for vaccination:

  • body temperature is 36,60 more;
  • diseases such as heart diseases, pathology of various organs, tuberculosis;
  • second trimester and breast-feeding;
  • allergic reactions.

At the time of vaccination need to consult a doctor.

The preventive vaccination of preschool children

Vaccinations and their dates

Many parents, those who are worried about the health of their children, forgo routine vaccinations. I can understand the fear and skepticism is understandable. At the hearing, some cases of gross negligence of physicians who used substandard vaccines for vaccinations, and poor results. But this is the exception, not the rule. Known a time when rampant smallpox, plague, destroying entire cities. And it was not so long ago in historical terms. Vaccinations have helped people feel more secure, at least from these terrible diseases. Do not abandon the preventive measures, especially to deny vaccinations for their children.

Vaccinations and their dates

What immunizations must a child up to one year? 12 hours after birth, the newborn do the first vaccination against hepatitis B. On the third-seventh birthday vaccinated against tuberculosis. Monthly child make repeated vaccination against hepatitis B. a three-month baby ready for the first vaccination vaccinated TDAP (tetanus plus poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis). Four and a half months, re-vaccinated vaccine DTP. In six months doing two vaccinations: TDAP (third vaccination against hepatitis b (third vaccination). When the child turns a year, it is waiting for vaccination against rubella, measles and mumps.

Symptoms after vaccination the child

You should pay attention to parents after vaccination?

After vaccination need to be sure the first three days to follow the body temperature (especially severe in this regard, TDAP). If the child eats well, and sleeps safely, it is not necessary to change the rhythm of life. But to protect him from sick people is necessary, because in these days the body is weakened.

When deterioration of children after vaccination is necessary to refuse from swimming and walking, to report bad health or high temperature of a physician.

The injection site may occur redness and seals. They must have a maximum of three days. If they last longer, and the size seal reach 5-8 cm, should consult a doctor.

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