Useful properties of sesame oil

Sesame oil has a wide application in the preparation of gourmet cuisine. It has a mild taste and aroma of the nut. The oil is of two types: light and dark. The first tells about the preparation of fresh seeds, and the second about their roasting. Cooking oil is used not only as gas stations, but also to give the dish a delicate aroma. Dark Beers, usually not fried. This is because it can quickly burn.

Sesame oil

Consumption of the product

Sesame oil is very like to use in my kitchen Chinese. Their food is pretty specific content due to the large saturation of spices and fresh oil gives them a special, incomparable taste. Also often it is used in the preparation of marinades for French and European dishes.

Perfectly this product in the preparation of hot appetizers eggplant. This dish is on the menu every self-respecting restaurant. Sesame oil is used for making Korean teas. However, in most cases, this type of butter added to snacks and meals from fish and seafood cold type. There are exceptions to the rule. In this case we are talking about adding a few drops to the surface of a hot meal.

Use sesame oil for the body

Use sesame oil for the body:

  1. Improves digestion.
  2. It normalizes blood pressure.
  3. Restores joint function.
  4. Contains a complex of vitamins and proteins, and is composed of acid.
  5. Recommended for use in bronchitis.
  6. Nourishes the body with calcium.
  7. Has a positive effect in diseases of the heart muscle and the digestive system.
  8. Improves your vision.
  9. Normalizes the increased level of gastric acidity.
  10. Sesame oil can be used to facilitate the treatment of wounds of the skin surface.

Oil contains a complex of vitamins a, E And group B. it consists of fatty oils, which are a very important part in the full work of the organs and systems of man. Sesame oil is part of many funds group cream for face and body and is an essential component in the reconstruction of the hair. This kind of oil has sesamol, so it is called sesame. Light grade is often used when frying foods.

Sesame oil that is


Sesame oil should not be used in high blood clotting and varicose vein disease. When consuming food and medicines on the basis of sorrel, it is worth remembering that they are incompatible. We are talking about aspirin, cucumbers and tomatoes, spinach, and many fruits and berries. In the case of parallel consumption of sesame oil and the above product list is very large the risk of occurrence and development of gallstones. This situation occurs due to the rapid excretion of calcium from the body.

You should also pay attention to individual sensitivity to the product. It happens, though rarely. In the process of digestion sesame oil should be introduced, starting with a few drops and bringing to per day. It will protect people from the emission of the body’s intolerance of the product. Remember that sesame oil will maintain a greater amount of useful components in the use of it in the cold, without treatment. This feature is connected with its preparation technology.

Benefits of sesame oil

It should be noted that the consumption of any food, even in good intentions, should be discussed with the family doctor. We are talking about compatibility with concomitant diseases, characteristics and method of application as well as standards for dispensing product.

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