Unusual ways to use ordinary products

Of course, many people know that lemon can lighten hair, but coffee can not only drink in the morning, but also to eliminate unpleasant aromas. Even our grandmothers learned how to use food is not quite normal ways, and over time, the number of variations increased.

1. Tea


Eliminates unpleasant odor

Its ability to absorb odors, the tea is similar to coffee. Enough to put fresh tea bags in a bag that smelled to odor disappeared.

Refreshing look

To get rid of the swelling or redness of the eyelids, you need to put on the eyelids brewed tea bags for 15-20 minutes.

Used for homemade cards

Tea is very often used to age the paper and then make a postcard or a wedding invitation. It is necessary to take the paper and dip it in strong tea for a few minutes to pull out and allow to dry. After drying, iron iron to secure the result. To enhance the effect, many designers crumple paper, drip brewed tea in a ready-made paper or burn the edges with fire.

2. Coffee


Eliminates unpleasant odors

Coffee grounds has such a divine smell, which is often used for getting rid of persistent unpleasant smells. For example, you can wipe down the ashtray or put in the refrigerator, wardrobe.

Caring for the body

In tea leaves contain many nutrients, so it can be used as a body scrub that not only cleans, but also moisturizes the skin. In addition, coffee is a great way to get rid of cellulite. Coffee should be applied to problem areas and massage them thoroughly.

Fills scratches

To paint a scratch on the surface of the furniture or of leather, coffee grounds applied directly to the problem area. But first you should experiment on inconspicuous place.

3. Lemon


Great antiseptic

To conduct antimicrobial treatment, simply RUB a lemon surface such as a cutting Board. After this treatment, the pleasant aroma!

Freshens the air

With lemon you can make a natural refreshing way. For this lemon cut in half, scald it with boiling water and stick a dried cloves. This tool also deters mosquitoes.

Brightens the nail plate and removes stains on clothes

To lighten up the nails, lemon juice added to water at room temperature and immerse hands for 15 minutes. To forget about rust stains or wine, enough to wipe the dirty place lemon and wash.

Eliminates limescale

Lemon juice along with zest is a great descaler. To the kettle add the lemon juice and toss the lemon peel, boil (sometimes you have to do this several times), allow to cool.

4. Cucumber


Freshens breath

Cucumber can be used instead of chewing gum or a spray of breath freshener. You just need to hold it in your mouth a piece of cucumber to notice how the breath was refreshing.

Moisturizes the skin

Slices of cucumber are suitable for instant mask. On clean face you need to put cucumber, sliced, for 15 minutes. If this is not the time you can just wipe the face cucumber. Skin becomes more hydrated and elastic.

5. Eggs


Relieve pain from the burn

If you had a chance to burn you can wipe the affected area crude protein. The pain will decrease and even the blister appears.

Nourish the hair

The yolk is used as the main ingredient nourishing care for dry and combination hair. It combine with oil, honey, yogurt or yogurt. The main rule for all masks with egg yolk mask is applied only on dry hair. And washed away with water at room temperature.

Feed the plants

In an egg shell contains a lot of calcium, which is very useful to plants. For the preparation of fertilizer eggshells grind in a coffee grinder, pour water and leave to infuse for a few days. Extract obtained to water the plants.

6. Beer


Natural conditioner

Industrial air conditioners contain silicone, which coats the hair with foil and allow them to breathe. Beer naturally conditionerit hair without harmful effects. To make the conditioning of the beer, it is diluted with water and rinse this part of the hair after shampooing.

Eliminates stains after tea and coffee

Enough to drip a few drops of light beer on the stain and wait a bit.

Returns the Shine of jewelry

Immerse jewelry in beer, then rinse them and wipe with a dry cloth. After this procedure, the jewelry will Shine like new.

7. Milk


Removes stains from fruit and berries

Used as a bath

Bath invented by Cleopatra, you will need a pint of milk and half a Cup of honey. Add the ingredients in the water and soak in the bath for 30 minutes.

Lacquer shoes

To care for lacquered shoes need to buy expensive tools, it is enough to wet the piece of cloth in milk and RUB it shoes.

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