Unusual traditions and customs of Sunny Georgia

Everyone knows that the most friendly people live in Georgia. This remarkable country is famous for its warm hospitality for the whole century, it seems that this custom the Georgians to adopt another mother’s milk. A guest in the house is the most important person for each Georgian, and just to the guest in this Sunny country are respectful and carefully suggest the best hotels, becoming guides for tourists and more. Having been once in this country, impressions left the sea for life.

Tours in Georgia

In addition to the hospitality that Georgia is famous for its dances. Say to be able to dance these dances, you have to be Georgian and not otherwise, and it’s true. Georgian dance is not so simple as it might seem at first glance, every movement precise and elegant. They are quite diverse and complex, because each dance is unique and has its movements and features, non-recurring in another dance. Husband dance must show their strength, militancy and courage, and a woman of grace, pride and femininity. The uniqueness of the dance lies in the fact that a certain dance is a reflection of the life of a particular region where it first appeared, and found a response.

Georgian national dance

The most popular dance of Georgia is considered a «Kartuli»

Dance made for two. A woman expresses the dance of humility and indecision, her eyes looking down, although she is incredibly proud of the love partner. And the man, in turn, is required to show the movements of my respect and love to a woman «tell» that she was the one and only. All this is a fascinating and very intimate action, must-see live.This dance was not created for the stage, and throughout Georgia there are only a few people who would be able to demonstrate all the splendor of the «Kartuli».

Other famous and popular dance is considered a «Harumi»

It is purely a male dance in which simultaneously serve forty people. This dance, men show a show: in the beginning, they set up camp, then fighting the enemy and finally defeat him and celebrating the victory. And all this expressed through dance, certain movements that demonstrate the courage and bravery of the men of Georgia.

Georgian national dance

And, of course, dance «Acharuli», which is danced at once, and women and men

Fairly simple, playful, easy to dance, filled with harmless flirting that occurs between partners. A beautiful and simple dance for the fulfillment of which is very nice to watch.

Georgian culture is filled with music

Erroneously the statement that the real Georgian music can only be heard at weddings. In Georgia there are many theatres, Opera and ballet, which always hosts performances and productions of the Georgian authors, composers. On a par with Russian and foreign works on the stages of plays of the Georgian artists, which is very much appreciated in the country. There are also quite a well-known ensembles that are trying to inform Georgian music to the masses. And, for example, the Tbilisi Conservatoire is named after the «Georgian Nightingale» Vano Sarajishvili, songs which are still known and loved in Georgia.

Georgian folk dance

And there are many famous names, who knows not only Georgia but also the whole world, so we can say that the music side of Georgia is one of the important aspects of the whole cultural background of the country.

Of course, we cannot forget about this beautiful and famous traditions of Georgia, which still takes place is the abduction of the bride. Moreover, this action is quite unusual and is coordinated first with the family of the bride. The wedding features a large number of people from both sides, beautiful traditions and dances and songs.

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