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It is difficult to imagine that in our populated world, there are many cases when someone is escaping from the bureaucracy and wanting to have a new, fairer state creates micro or micronations. The self-proclaimed state is a relatively small plot of land, whose inhabitants declare themselves a sovereign Republic. However, these States often do not recognize in the international community and in any other state, or admit in part. The reasons for declaring himself a microstate can be several reasons: any protest, the gaps in the legislation that develops tourism, a vanity, and sometimes even a joke or bullying. As the statistics shows, such Micronase only about four hundred, among them are five of the most vivid and interesting.

1. The Republic Of Molossia

The Republic Of Molossia

The molossia was founded by Prime Minister Kevin Bo (H. E.) and James Spielman (His Majesty James I) at the end of 90-ies. The state is a only two piece of land in Dayton, Nevada, its total area is 550 square meters. The population does not even reach ten. Despite the small size of the Republic, the residents of the Molossian mail, space program, national sport, film, radio, College, money (valor), and even a system of chronology. The show unofficially belongs to the part of the sea near the Mexican coast and about 130 square kilometers of land of the planet Neptune.

2. Conch Republic (The Republic Of The Shell)

Republic Of The Contest (The Republic Sink)

Sink – a virtual Republic, which was founded by the mayor of the city of Key West Dennis Wardlow in April 1982. The state is on the Florida Keys in the United States, which is a chain of coral Islands. During the cold war, the migrants poured through Florida in America. To stop this, roadblocks have been established, linking the Islands with Florida. The reason for the proclamation of the micro was a protest against the checkpoint, which caused mile-long traffic jams that prevented the travelers who want to relax on the Islands. The lack of tourists and trade supply greatly affected the standard of living of the population. After numerous complaints were repeatedly ignored, the mayor has decided to declare the archipelago a sovereign Republic and became its first President. He even declared war on the United States, striking representative of the Navy of America a loaf of bread on the head. USA has not shown up to the incident any attention, but the checkpoint has ceased to function.

3. The Island Of North Dumpling

The Island Of North Dumpling

The islet was once the residence of Dean Kamen is an inventor-billionaire. This Paradise is located near the Connecticut, USA, its area is 8 square kilometers. Island the Count of Belongings, as it calls itself the owner of the island, has a «non-aggression Pact for the people of North Dumpling» received from US President Bush. The island has its own currency, electricity, helipad and a reduced copy of Stonehenge. Would the island of North Dumpling island, a regular, if not Kamen is an conflict with officials. First he cut the wires, then threatened by the court for the change of the form of the island. This led me to Kamen is an idea to declare the land an independent state, free from the bureaucracy in any form.

4. Republic Of The Coolant

Republic Of The Coolant

The coolant is located in France and is also a virtual government, with its capital, Monbana. The state total area is 40 square kilometers. The country has eleven of its own municipalities. The reason for creating microvascularity was a joke, but the Republic has nearly 70 years of existence. During this period in the Republic, four times was replaced by presidents who belong to the same family dynasty. The coolant also has its own currency, postal service with stamps dedicated to the coolant. The Republic is very popular among travelers, which is used by the local enterprising people who trade input with spaces and marks of the Republic.

5. The Principality Of Seborga

The Principality Of Seborga

Seborga is a small Italian village located in Liguria, near the border with France. History of Micronesia dates back several centuries. When Italy decided to unite in the early 19th century, this fief is not mentioned in any document that the local residents and considered an objective reason for the formation of an independent zone. In 1963, the population Seborga after a vote in which only four of the three hundred voted against and declared itself a sovereign state. The President was elected Prince Giorgio I. Italy still does not recognize the independence of this micro, despite the fact that it is one of the oldest self-proclaimed States which still exist.

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