Unforgettable Luxor in Egypt

Interest in the exotic Egypt in our days has grown considerably, and an endless stream of tourists every year is growing rapidly, the country is experiencing a boom of popularity. It is logical that the growing demands of travelers, made to service the local resorts. In this regard, the hotels in Egypt make their entertainment more diverse, attracting more and more visitors. Luxor in this huge variety of cultural events takes its rightful place.

Sights Luxor Egypt

Popular tour program of Egypt

Tourists from around the world, and from the CIS countries, in particular, have chosen not one resort hospitable and exotic location in the heart of Hurghada.

The most popular of them are:

  1. Marsa Alam.
  2. Makadi Bay.
  3. Soma Bay.
  4. Sal Hasheesh.
  5. El Gouna.
  6. Hurghada.

But not all of the tourists who visited these wondrous places, you know about saturated and filled with the excursion program, which is called Luxor, Egypt. The journey within this exciting program consists of a variety of mini-tours that are combined with each other in the General plan of the route.

Tours in Luxor Egypt

Luxor, Egypt. Attractions and sightseeing objects

The first excursion objects appear in front of the enthusiastic tourists suddenly from the window of the bus travelers have the opportunity to enjoy a small Arab villages that enchant guests with its interesting unique and leisurely way of life, small modest houses, the most motley locals and curves exotic streets.

The life of the modern Egyptians amazes tourists with no less than ostentatious grandeur and opulence of the ancient Temple complex of Luxor. The admiration and delight is also called the majestic sculpture of Amenhotep III, a powerful Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. This historical building known under the name «Colossi of Memnon». This marvel of architecture was composed of giant concrete stones, it is a real thrill, even the modern man. Built «Ear» was specifically for the protection of the ancient temple, a building which, unfortunately, has not been preserved until our days. But despite the huge silent pharaohs, peacefully guards are, we can only guess about the huge size of the temple itself.

The temple in Luxor, excursion

Another interesting object to interesting excursions is a huge complex of Karnak temples which consists of numerous old streets, buildings, alleys and squares. Separately, you can admire the mysterious figures of sphinxes. The temple complex is the Central object of the whole tour, the tourists will be acquainted with the fascinating history of ancient Egypt, the main milestones of which are the constant strife and war for the throne of the Pharaoh – the Supreme ruler of the once mighty country.

The next item on the tour will be the Luxor, which is the successor of ancient Thebes. Here you will visit papyrus Museum and even to get acquainted with the technology of preparation of the Egyptian scroll. The Museum exhibits examples of ancient painting from the papyrus that draw the eye with their bright mysterious figures and drawings.

Tours of Egypt and Luxor

Another stage of the tour of the Valley of the Kings, which is located in the «City of the dead». This is a complex of tombs of Egyptian nobles, the wise kings and fearsome generals. Luxor in Egypt: the photo on the background of ancient tombs will be a long time to recall the journey.

It will be interesting to visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, which can be called the jewel of the whole trip. And the perfect end to the trip will be a walk along the majestic Nile to the red rays of sunset of the hot Egyptian sun.

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