Unexpected revelations of the cashiers in the supermarket. What we look like in their eyes?

As if there is nothing easier than to make a purchase in the supermarket. A number of habitual actions, and you are already at the register paying for the purchase, thinking that brilliantly coped with the task. But no! It never hurts to check yourself through the eyes of strangers in the standard situation, for example, through the eyes of a supermarket cashier, who shared his revelations about customers and their actions.

On interaction with customers

On interaction with customers

1. When someone asks you «How are you doing?» the cashier just wants to be distracted from his work is diversity. Not taramite eye as if you saw a talking dog.

2. Don’t go around flirting with the cashier while he works. She (the cashier) clearly does not want to meet with you at the moment. Do not distract from work and not brake the movement of the queue.

3. On behalf of all cashiers please do not give comments to their form. Yes, it leaves much to be desired, but they chose her…

4. The cashier has nothing to do with the purchase and price, so tell us, how much cheaper in the next stall, at least, useless.

5. Please do not Stargates personal space, you are probably familiar with this concept.

On purchase

About the purchase

6. Your purchase may not match the taste of the cashier, and it can be agree with you in opinion that the product is disgusting, but to tell the cashier has no right without the risk of dismissal.

7. If you still could not resist and drank the water from the still not paid for the bottle, screw the cap on.

8. The cashier don’t care how much of the product to penetrate. But realistically assess their opportunities, giving at the cash register is a few minutes plus service time.

9. If you go shopping alone, take a cart or basket. It is not necessary to understand the cashier shouting «Where did you get the apples, a fool, can’t you see I’m a pear?»

10. It is not necessary to go to the store drunk. Well, not like the cashiers are drunk.

On queue

About charge

11. Nobody is obliged to shop customers from the recycle bin. Be so kind to do it yourself.

12. If you buy a few pieces of any product, there is no need to put them all.

13. The duties of a cashier do not include the packaging of your purchases in bags.

14. If you have something coming out of your pocket, or jacket suspiciously swollen, the cashier has the right to call the security guard. Stealing is not worth it…

15. Remember that not only do you want to turn finally ended, but those who are behind you. Don’t forget about the culture of behavior.

16. Do not leave stroller basket and at the checkout, or she.

17. It is not necessary to assemble the trifle to give it the cashiers. Better treat the bus driver, though sometimes a trifle need them.

18. Don’t ask the cashiers about the campaign, they don’t care.

19. The cashier will not be able to answer why the price tag and the testimony at the checkout are different. He is not to blame.

20. If you come with children, remember that gum and candy is always at the bottom, look for their sons.

Tips and requests

Tips and requests

21. Don’t ask cashiers how they visit the toilet, such interest everyone’s surprise.

22. Express complaints about the lack of money to psychologists, the cashier just vodka is not present.

23. Older people tend to complain about life always and everywhere, don’t blame the store employees.

24. See the expiration date, so, the product may be stale.

25. Cultural dress, it is not necessary to go to the store in worn-out sneakers and shorts fun.

26. It’s not McDonald’s, so the cashier is not required to shout: «Free cash!».

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