Unbelievable photos in the world

Since the invention of the first camera. This technique was improved by allowing you to take high-quality pictures. Because of this today many are trying to capture moments that are striking in their beauty or improbability of what is happening. Some photographers are in constant search of unique moments. This allows them to do incredible pictures in the world. But sometimes the common man, does not claim to be the best draughtsman, able to shoot images that capture the imagination.

incredible photos

Incredible photos of nature

Despite the harsh conditions of the desert can destroy its beauty. Photos of the massive dunes found in the Namib desert, is mesmerizing. The picture was taken at sunset when the last rays of the sun, the sand streaked with gold. Amid the dunes, solitary trees look very beautiful.

Big dune

No less attractive virgin nature has been preserved in Bryce Canyon. This picture shows the Majesty of rock masses in which there are trees.

Bryce Canyon

Incredible looks in pictures fly geyser. The picture was taken in the U.S. state of Nevada. The area fascinates with its fabulous views. Fantastic makes this photo unique lighting. Rays that break through the clouds, reflected in the water in different colours.

geyser fly

It is impossible to look without admiration at the photo of lenticular clouds. It really is an amazing sight. Cloud-like spirals, up into the sky. Originality will give them the rays of the sun shining on this great picture.

lenticular HMAR

Hard to believe in the existence of beauty, depicted on the following picture. It seems that the photographer managed to take two of the sky. That’s what bioluminescent waves, which attract tourists the beach in the Maldives.

the beaches of the Maldives

Amazing animal photos

Quite a lot of amazing frames manage to do it, shooting animals. Some of the pictures of the imagination and capture. Very successful photographers lucky enough to capture unique moments, capable to cause admiration.

It seems incredible photo, which is a lizard, as if spellbound runs on the water surface. These inhabitants of Central America can cross the pond, holding on the surface. Myriads of small droplets really make the photo unrealistic.

lizard on the water

Hard to imagine that felt photographer, shooting hunting Hippo. Huge animal a few meters away from him, decided to arrange a feast, catching the sluggish fish. The frame turned out amazing, that demonstrates the power of the huge animal.

Hippo hunting

Undoubtedly, a lucky photographer captured a Seagull during a landing against the setting sun. The bird in this moment like an angel stretches out his wings. No less interesting is the Seagull, already walking around on the surface. She’s like something is trying to tell the other birds.

the image seagulls

Almost everyone knows that in nature there is an animal called a mole. But not all saw, it looks like this fan of underground life. Photographer from France managed to see and photograph the moment when the mole, making a hole appeared on the surface.

a mole on the surface

Many people are terribly afraid of bees, and not without reason. The bite of this insect feels pain, and in some cases can have very bad consequences. But it is necessary to watch how a bee collects nectar Crocus, covered with fine dust, and immediately there is a sense of admiration for these industrious insects.

a bee collects nectar

Unrealistic images of the towns

Some cities look quite usually. Their street does not particularly different, giving the impression of ordinariness.But there are cities and towns that are striking in their beauty, which brightly demonstrated on many shots. Looks strange in pictures castle located in Croatia. It is located on a small island and surrounded by Mature trees. The white building looks amazing on the background of nature.

castle in Croatia

Looks amazing Singapore New year’s eve. The photographer managed to capture how the street stretched out a huge snake made of numerous fixtures. This sculpture congratulated the onset of the year of the snake.

The glowing statue of the snake in Singapore

Looks unreal in the rays of the setting sun over the city, anchorage is located in Alaska. Despite the fact that it’s a huge town, against the background of majestic mountains it looks quite small.


Looks amazing Bourtange fortress, taken from the height of bird flight. It looks like a huge star. Is this a work of art in the Netherlands. The fortress is one of the most popular attractions of the country among tourists.

fortress Bourtange

Incredible pictures taken in space

American research center NASA, annually presents photographs taken by satellites or astronauts who are on space ships. This is amazing footage, amazing. Very good pictures of making the telescope «Spitzer». One of them shows nebula the Snail, which fascinates with its beauty.

nebula Snail

The astronaut managed to capture the Northern lights, which can be observed only in the area of the poles. The photo was just unreal. Planet seems to be surrounded by a bright red rim.

polar lights

No less attractive looks careening through boundless space of the comet. Amid the myriads of twinkling stars, the sight looks amazing. Make an awesome profile picture was the astronaut from the Netherlands, who conducted research on the ISS. To preserve this unique moment, needed a simple camera Nikon.

flight of the comet

Unrealistically beautiful the Land was made by American Astronaut Scott Kelly. He managed to take the planet at night. With millions of twinkling lights, you can see where there are big cities.

view planet z space

Daily collection of unreal photos updated with new masterpieces that cannot be seen without a bated breath.

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