Types of bikes

In the 21st century, the Bicycle has gained unprecedented popularity. Cyclists now no less than car owners, especially among young people. Obvious advantages of this type of transport compared to the car are considered to be agility, the lack of environmental damage and ease of operation.


As in the automotive industry, in the Bicycle world there are always new varieties and models. They all differ in technical and external characteristics, depending on the purpose of the bike. Therefore, before purchasing a vehicle, you must ask yourself a crucial question: what purpose it is acquired?

This article discusses the most popular to date varieties of bikes.

Mountain bike (mountain bike)


The most modern and versatile look, especially popular with fans of distant journeys. All in his equally excellent patency as on a road, the bumpy paths and mountain landscapes. As a consequence, mountain bike rapidly displace from the market of conventional road, which obviously loses all the settings – versatility for speed. The main design feature a mountain bike – a special frame for riding over rough terrain. The homeland of this species is mountainous California.

Mountain bike for kids

Gornyiy-bike for kids

Actively carried out special mountain bikes for the little ones. This is done with the aim of instilling the love of Cycling from an early age. This bike in addition to the two main wheels are an additional 2 which are mounted behind holding the balance. It is essential to buy a baby it was baby, a little copy, not an adult. The child may disappear any desire to go, if he is constantly distracted by the applying of efforts to curb a huge vehicle. Better to wait until the child will learn to ride properly on a bike of adequate size, and older.


11-12 years, it is possible to buy a standard mountain bike. If the child is by that time sufficiently accustomed to drive children, and adults should find the contact relatively quickly. The main snag in the management of transfers: for the start of the function shift can be deactivated by adjusting screws and drive at a steady speed, and after some time is already to start learning how to drive using the gear changes.

Racing bikes


Compared to mountain bike racing (or highway) has its lower weight. This factor allows the same energy to develop the speed more than 15 km/h. This bike has 28 inch tyres, and a large number of stars, which enables more comfortable switching speeds. But bike racing is extremely limited in use. In urban environments on smooth roads it has no equal, but on different terrain to ride it is a major challenge.

Road bike


The most common and standard kind of bikes, designed, mainly, for getting around urban areas. Technically and visually it is markedly different from the mining and racing. Frame with special oblique portion designed to provide comfort with frequent stops, which one way or another, confronted the cyclist on urban roads. Another fundamental difference between road bike brakes. Mountain brake usually located on the steering wheel, and requires extra hands to stop the transport. Road bike also inhibited legs without hands, due to the vertical landing.

Bikes for tricks (BMX)


On this view it is necessary to tell separately. It stands alone and is significantly different from all others. Actually, the name quite clearly hints at this: the bike was created specially for the reckless and thrill-seekers! Wheels less than other bikes, and the steering wheel are flexible and mobile, which plays a critical role when performing tricks like stand on one wheel. In principle, this is the main purpose of the BMX track. For a relaxing drive it is better to pay attention to other kinds of bikes.

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