Turkey and Viet Nam: choose the traditional route or try something new

Turkey and Vietnam – countries steeped in centuries of history. Tourists here can expect a rich program of excursions, beach holidays, comfortable hotels and good shopping. The main thing is to prioritize and choose the tour with all preferences.

Holidays in Turkey

Call Turkey a European country in Asia and the most Asian country in Europe. When as a tourist site it was opened by the Germans, and today enjoys a steady demand from members of all nationalities. Tours to Turkey is deservedly popular among Belarusians. With the comparatively low cost of the tour here you can fully relax from everyday worries. Only the seas to this country four: Marmara, Aegean, Black, Mediterranean and everywhere you will find Oriental flavor, clean beaches, mountain tops, monuments of history and culture.

Tours in Turkey are popular with those wishing to improve their health in one of the local spas. The most famous of them is Pamukkale, Cemse, Yalova and Bursa. Beach lovers will appreciate the resorts of Turkey: Antalya, Kemer, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Alanya, Pamukkale. Fans to touch history, too, will find here many interesting things. From the point of view of the tour routes are the most interesting Cappadocia. Here are preserved numerous monuments of the Seljuk and Ottoman periods of history. To see more and pay less – it is better to travel around the country in a rented car.

Holidays in Vietnam

Among the disadvantages of this tourist destination only long and expensive flight, and the rest – some advantages. Any tour in Viet Nam with departure from Minsk is a rich program of excursions, beaches for every taste, a fascinating insight into the life and traditions of the local population. Many have made this country a false impression, and I think its endless and bustling market all sorts of consumer goods. Real Vietnam is the temple complexes of ancient civilizations, national parks with rare flora and fauna, the world’s cheapest diving and resorts with European service and Asian prices.

Tour in Viet Nam with departure from Minsk is plenty of entertainment for every taste and budget: from traditional visit to the crocodile farm and ending reckless parties at local Nightclubs. Popular among tourists are the sights of Hanoi (pagoda Chua-MOT-cat tower cat-Co, Bach MA temple) and Ho Chi Minh city (pagoda Vinh-Nghiem, Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral). In other regions of the country, too, there is something to see even the sophisticated tourist. Shopping in Vietnam is also not deprived of advantages: such a variety of products at competitive prices you will not find.

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