Tunnel syndrome. How to find the exit

That unites the musician and the milkmaid? A common occupational disease. A few decades ago to the list of professions that lead to this ailment, joined by PC users.

It is easy to guess that it was about carpal tunnel syndrome – a disease caused by the load on the carpal tunnel hand, the structure resembles a tunnel, hence the name.

When wrists are tired

Causes of tunnel syndrome

Prolonged and repetitive motion of the hands with wrist strain almost always cause damage to nerves and tendons. In the most advanced cases, the inflammation of the median nerve – numb fingers lose sensitivity, the hand will be disobedient – it is impossible to make a fist or hold an object appear cramps and shooting pain in one or more fingers. If left untreated, can deform the thumb due to atrophy of the palm will be flat.

To such consequences often leads incorrect position of hands during long-term regular work or play on the computer. Among office workers carpal tunnel syndrome has long been a rarity. Suffering from the «working» hand holding a mouse. Starts the disease usually does not manifest itself, a little discomfort during the operation blamed on the usual fatigue, rarely comes to mind to deal with prevention.

Causes of tunnel syndrome

Symptoms appear when the inflammatory process has evolved. And pain in the wrist and the sensation of pressure is usually felt after work and rarely contact the computer.

Test tunnel syndrome

To understand there is a threat of disease, possible to conduct a simple test. Standing or sitting, back straight, extend arms forward, raise the elbows. Hands to turn to each other and the back together. To stay in this position for a minute or two.

If you are not experiencing any discomfort – it’s all right, if you experience fatigue, pain, tingling, numbness, need to take urgent measures syndrome close.

Test tunnel syndrome

To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Even in the absence of any signs tunnel syndrome, people who spend a lot of time on the computer, you need to monitor the workplace. Chair with armrests is not a whim but a necessity, at hand must be support, the elbow should not be anywhere to hang, ideally on the tabletop, and the armrest is at the same level. When working with a mouse, the hand must bend, and the wrists rest on the table. Correcting these disorders can prevent the disease or stop the process in the beginning.

Preventive and curative gymnastics for hands

The movement, known to most school years. There are several solutions.

  • Shake hands, after washing.
  • Compress and decompress fists.
  • Rotate wrists clockwise and counterclockwise while clenching his fists.
  • Palms folded in front of chest in prayer position, gently lower down until it stops, then slowly, without jerks, to lift up.
  • Put your hands on the table or on armrests. To raise and lower the palm without removing his hands from the support.

Not dopustiti tonelny syndrome

Exercises to perform in random order for five minutes every two hours of work. It can combine with acupressure.

To provide a preventive effect will help bath of contrasting temperatures – the hands should be alternately lowered for half a minute in the cool and hot water.

If the process went

Rarely takes preventive action before the trouble will not be clear.

With the development of tunnel syndrome treatment exercises will help to relieve congestion in the wrist.

To facilitate use anti-inflammatory drugs based on ibuprofen and paracetamol and anesthetics.

How to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Cortisone injections administered if conventional drugs fail.

In some cases, if treatment fails, the surgery to expand the carpal tunnel. The method of radical, but only in severe course of the disease, when the arm is almost devoid of motor functions and cannot be used to make simple movements. Full recovery after the surgery lasts for one or two months.

Tunnel syndrome is not a deadly danger, but can greatly complicate the life of everyone, regardless of age and occupation, if not in time to take the necessary measures. You need to always remember that, without waiting for trouble.

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