Tula gingerbread on the history of unconventional Souvenirs

In Tula it is not necessary to go with the samovar. However, going into the city, no need to take sweets, because here they own the world-famous gingerbread. The phrase «whole world» is not an exaggeration: in the early XX century, before the revolution, this delicacy has won gold medals in several World exhibitions. Cakes custom made in Tula were also prepared for the members of the Imperial families. It is known that Nicholas II to the coronation were presented to an exclusive delicacy with a picture of his profile.

In 2015 Tula gingerbread noted a kind of anniversary: 300 years ago it was first mentioned. There are many names of the «masters of gingerbread things» that are glorified Tula, and with it the whole of Russia. This Grechikhina brothers, who built their products from a tower at the world exhibition in Paris, and Pyotr Kozlov, who invented packaging sweet treats in elegant cardboard and tin cans. Especially famous factory of Vasily Serikova, which produced about 1,000 pounds of carrots a year, more than 1.5 tons.

The recipe every Baker was his own, and he was kept in strict secret. Even weights they are not used to «mishandled Cossack» could not find out the exact number of products needed for baking. Instead of weights used weights – pieces of metal and stones, hiding under a secure lock. The General that unites all of the bakers, was the technology of printing: the gingerbread were printed, they were made using a special form of pear or birch with an image printed on them. Due to this figure, the cakes were often given as special gifts, because they can be inscribed, and specially baked for the holidays, for example, for the wedding.

To replace it world-wide fame oblivion. After the revolution, the gingerbread became useless, and the shortage of raw materials had an effect, because without qualitative components of this delicacy will not work. The revival of production began after the war, and it is associated with an interesting legend. The brigade, which was engaged in production of gingerbread, entered a confectioner Stepan Sevostyanov. At the beginning of the XX century, he worked as an apprentice in the merchant Grechikhina and was able to sneak into the pantry and learn the original recipe.

Today Tula gingerbread not only regained its former glory, but has acquired a new quality, becoming the exclusive and original corporate gift souvenir. Masters from Tula, for example, the WORLD isproducing goods on an order — according to the traditional recipe, but with individual branding. Opened in Tula and the Museum of gingerbread, which has no analogues. And in the center of the city the monument it treats, has taken a worthy place in the list of Russian culinary peculiarities.

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