Truth and myths about cellulite

The technique of anti-cellulite massage appeared relatively recently and immediately became overgrown with myths. As with any innovation in this technology has plenty of supporters and opponents. And most of them have a vague idea about the technique. What are scammers of all stripes.

Anti-cellulite massage

Myth 1. Cellulite and extra weight are one and the same

This is incorrect. The term «cellulite» is the goal of technique. Cellulite is not a disease but a condition of the skin, when it formed an excessive amount of subcutaneous fat. It is neither good nor bad. But externally, the skin becomes unattractive, the so – called «orange peel».

However, to weight reduction subcutaneous fat is irrelevant — his weight is extremely small. Extra pounds is not only subcutaneous fat, not only fat. Extra weight often have athletes weightlifting, whose fat, some muscle. Excess weight happens in people suffering from edema – in this case excess fluid.

Massage against cellulite

And cellulite the skin may be the skinny with a weight of 40 kg to the poor condition of the skin is a sign of hidden pathologies and metabolic disorders, not just excess weight. As a rule, people with excess weight and cellulite is present. But, dropping weight, many do not improve the skin condition, but rather worsen it, because the cause of cellulite in another in metabolism.

Myth 2. Anti-cellulite massage helps to lose weight

No, it doesn’t. The purpose of cellulite massage is to affect the skin and subcutaneous tissues to improve blood supply and circulation. Subcutaneous fat in the result is not going away. He is properly distributed beneath the skin. But to remove the folds from the abdomen or thighs-anti cellulite massage will not help, because there are so many misplaced subcutaneous fat, and intramuscular (hip) and visceral (abdominal cavity) and these fatty tissues interact. A massage can only affect subcutaneous tissue.

Cupping massage against cellulite

But promotes weight loss anti-cellulite massage can – if used in conjunction with proper diet and balanced exercise. In this complex anti-cellulite massage plays the role of «medicine for the skin», and the other two components allow you to get rid of excess fat.

Myth 3. Anti-cellulite massage should last at least two hours

This is only partly true. This load on the body are only athletes and professionals that beautiful skin you need as a working tool (centerfolds, for example). In fact it is not cellulite massage, but a full-fledged sport. And for people who actually are overweight, it is quite useful. So, due to the large stress on the body simultaneously weight loss will be noticeable. But you can’t do a massage every day for 2-3 hours. And the next day the weight will return to their previous figures.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage needs to stimulate only the skin – it does not need so much time.

Myth 4. For anti-cellulite massage, you need to use special creams-carnitine

Creams for massage can be arbitrary. Popular creams-carnitine actually fat do not touch – they are, as a technique of anti-cellulite massage, only affect the skin, improving its ventilation and blood flow.

Massage against cellulite yourself

Myth 5. Anti-cellulite massage can be done only by specially trained massage therapist

Not true. The technique of anti-cellulite massage is a little different from other techniques to implement this massage can be any massage therapist. Although specialization is good, too.

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