Treatment with hypnosis in modern psychiatry

Modern society is influenced by environmental and social issues significantly exposed to stress, depression and mental disorders.

What can oppose such challenges to modern psychiatry? One of the most effective ways used by modern psychiatrists, this treatment hypnotic trance.

Treatment with hypnosis

In society there is a perception that those who once became a patient of a psychiatric clinic, as well as people suffering mental disorders will never be cured, but if patient is discharged and even then quite briefly.

View it or stereotype it is absolutely not true, in our time, psychiatry has achieved considerable success in the treatment of mental disorders, the psychiatrists diagnosed and treated, more relying on intuition, now there is a streamlined modern system of treatment of mental disorders. One of the well known and improved, rather improved methods of treatment of various mental disorders is hypnosis.

The method of hypnosis in psychiatry

For a long time, this method actually was not taken seriously in traditional medicine (although its roots go back even before ancient Egypt). And although there were many positive effects that they attributed to the case, and only relatively recently, in the early 20th century, after a long research and experiments aimed at the treatment of hysteria the techniques of hypnosis, this method has taken its rightful place in psychiatry. Hypnosis is used to treat causeless panic, the alcohol, drug addiction and other disorders.

There are two methods of hypnosis: classic hypnosis and Ericksonian. The first is used to work with patients directly, in the form of a dialogue between doctor and patient, this method is called «clinical hypnosis», and the second more complex method involves the study of life stories and memories of the patient and their subsequent analysis. Hypnosis also and itself has a considerable therapeutic effect, for example, self-hypnosis, a very positive impact on muscle tone and psychological state of the person that uses it.

That can be cured by hypnosis

In psychiatry, treatment is carried out in several stages, called sessions, number of sessions appoint a doctor depending on the patient’s condition.

Even many of our unconscious fears and feelings, leading to further disorders are somewhere in the depths of our subconscious. Through hypnosis the doctor helps to abstract from reality and delve into your subconscious mind, in turn identifying those factors that led to a specific disorder of the patient, then to develop a method to address them, and, consequently, their negative effects.

How to treat hypnosis therapists

Hypnosis really is a great treatment for mental disorders, used by psychiatrists around the world in their work with patients, however, hypnosis is not a panacea, patients suffering from somatic diseases in the acute phase it is still contraindicated.

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