Traumatology. Care guidelines for patients with hip fracture

The patient is immediately transported to the trauma Department, where he conducted pain management drugs, as the pain in this fracture is very strong. The surgeon establishes the diagnosis almost immediately, on the basis of complaints and visual inspection.

Surgery for a hip fracture

A hip fracture is treated in quite a long time. Bone fusion takes place in about 7 months. Conservative methods aimed at ensuring independent fracture healing. But in almost all cases it is necessary surgery. To restore the integrity of the bone using titanium screws and plates. A very common arthroplasty hip replacement with artificial joint. These patients recover faster.

Patients with a hip fracture require long-term treatment and care. An elderly person with this diagnosis can not do without the help of relatives. This damage leads to a forced supine position. And, in this regard, the fore the problem of development of pressure ulcers. Via real estate and moisturize the skin friction on the bed, violated its integrity. The first signs of developing pressure sores is the redness of the skin at this stage is to take action. For the prevention of pressure sores need to treat is facing the skin with camphor spirit, to monitor the cleanliness of linen and timely shifts. The place of development of pressure ulcers – sacrum, scapula, neck, elbows, sacrum.

The care for a person with a hip fracture

Also due to prolonged immobility may develop pneumonia, congestive. To avoid this complication, the patient should perform breathing exercises in bed.

To atony of the intestine leads to a long property. To prevent this, use products that improve motility or laxatives.

All patients with hip fracture are faced with difficult circumstances. This injury requires long-term treatment and, therefore, careful care. Very often, the elderly on the background of the problems with self depression. All they need is care and support of loved ones, and also good care.

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