Tours to Europe. Germany and Ireland

Strict Germany

The diversity of Germany can only wonder. North, South, East and West of the country are very different from each other, as if you were in a different state. However, nothing surprising in this, if you know that early in its territory there were over a hundred kingdoms (the most famous of these was Prussia), Duchies, counties and independent cities just.

Germany for tourists

Today clean and well appointed Germany is among the largest European countries with well-developed tourist infrastructure, and one trip all of her not just watch. Therefore, choosing tours to Germany, you need to decide what type of vacation suits you best. If you wish to walk around the museums and architectural sights, you need to Berlin, Dresden, Cologne or Nuremberg. However, summer in Berlin offers a great beach vacation, as the city has many bodies of water and huge Park area that allows you to combine an informative and pleasant.

North Germany is also good for summer holidays. Endless sandy beaches with rolling waves of the Baltic sea, are no different from the beaches of Jurmala. And in Bavaria, which lies in the South of Germany, it is best to go in the fall. Indian summer does not end here even in October. In addition, you can get on the world-famous Munich Oktoberfest beer festival, which lasts about two weeks. However, beer is a different story. Here it is cooked in almost every village.

Things to do in Germany

Regardless of what tours to Germany you will choose to regret it. The Germans love their country and always welcome foreign visitors. Therefore, in every corner of Germany you will find many interesting things.

Ireland – the country of fairy tales, legends and traditions

There’s no country with a richer folklore than Ireland. The Irish have a memory about stories and legends told to them by grandparents. They honor the traditions of his people and would never trade the open fields and valleys in noisy and stuffy metropolis. Want to surprise yourself – tours to Ireland are waiting for You!

Ireland, despite its picturesque nature, ancient architecture and rich culture, did not become a world tourism centre. Come here not for the purpose of entertainment, but for spiritual rest and enrichment. The Irish people are hospitable and always welcome. Want to know what was the way of life in the nineteenth century – visit BRU-EN-Boigny. There, he has not changed.

Ireland for tourists

The city is known for its rich history and significant archaeological excavations. Incidentally, the first settlers appeared here five thousand years ago! Of course, thanks to the active work of historians and archaeologists here found burial and ancient buildings and structures. Still there remained the burial Newgrange that were older than the famous Egyptian pyramids a few centuries! Mounds Nauta and dowth were built around the III century BC. Visiting these places, one can only wonder the preservation of the land in Ireland. Land, and, incidentally, all of the local nation maintains traditions, beliefs and legends.

The Irish are a deeply religious people, on Sunday all the churches are filled with people. Strange but way of life does not change with age. For relaxation you can choose a modest hotel, cottage and relax from the city with its endless traffic and noise, the visible Windows of shops and restaurants, phone calls and technology.

Tours to Ireland

Ireland is beautiful at any time of the year: the summers are not so hot as on the continent, the fall is striking for its beauty and winter is mild and snowy, and spring is… a fairy tale! Flower festival! Come here your favorite time of year and you will be amazed!!! In Ireland, in the world of beautiful nature, deserted and quiet help you to relax and regain strength and energy will return to its everyday way of life. But the memory of Ireland – the homeland of fairy tales and legends will always live in your heart!

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