To living in poverty need to prepare

To living in poverty need to prepare

Official portal of the Patriarchal Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood, has published a list of recommendations for mothers of large families. The main idea of the document — the need for training to a miserable existence with large families.

According to the author (nut-Zuevsky Bishop Panteleimon (Shatov)) in Russia large families are doomed to a life of poverty. Therefore, women who dreams about a large number of children, you must be prepared for the inevitable financial constraints.

Bishop Panteleimon encourages large women to live frugally and within your means: to refuse the annual renewal of cell phone, do not buy clothes on sale, and to acquire the skills of living in small apartments. The last skill, according to the Bishop, teach a woman to get rid of unnecessary, clutter the space of things and to monitor the cleanliness in the apartment.

In addition to financial recommendations, the author advises women to learn to get up early and immediately start commercial cases, since in family life the woman should not be a time for personal needs and interests.

For the spiritual enrichment of women should be, even before marriage, learn the main prayers, which can later be read in the dark «in memory», without disturbing thus to sleep with other family members and to save energy.

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