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If summer in the city still possible to do without a headdress hiding in the heat under the air conditioner , then going to the beach, the first thing to attend to any Panama or hats, which not only protects your hair from harmful effects of the sun, but don’t become a victim of sunstroke.

When choice of summer headgear in the first place it is important to consider what kind of vacation you have. For example, if you plan to go for the prestigious fashionable resort and spend all day leisurely walking up and down the local promenade or a graceful lie on a sun lounger on the beach, you will need something bright and catchy, in the spirit of your favorite wide-brimmed hats Sophia Loren.

Of course, this accessory imposes certain obligations on chose his lady — to play beach volleyball in it clearly will not run. On the other hand, the veil could not be better recreate the image of a mysterious stranger who loves to wander along the sea and makes counter men with silent admiration look after her. By the way, in the opinion of the Sophie Lauren hats generally inverted internal attitude women.

If we are talking about elegant headdress in the style of the 70s with a wide brim and some bright flower pinned at the crown, each of us needs to feel like a Queen — if not the world, then certainly the individual beach, where we were lucky enough to spend your vacation. By the way, if you prefer artificial flowers something less extravagant, tie on hat favorite silk scarf or shawl, the ends slightly hung down from the fields. It is necessary to change one scarf to another, or otherwise to drape their favorite hat, as others seem to, that you new headpiece. And don’t forget that with fields you can adjust your look depending on what your mood: omitted fields put between you and the environment a barrier, as if to say that the owner of this hat wants to dream about something else and the company is not needed.

But Flirty curved box indicates that you are ready to chat and who knows, maybe even a little flirting! If you are going to spend most of the time on a variety of excursions that your headgear-a hat is required to be not only beautiful but also practical. For example, it needs to be compact enough when folded so you could remove it in the tour bus, and you don’t have to take a separate bag to store it during this trip. Not superfluous to ensure that your chosen hat flew off your head, especially if you have to walk by the sea or in the mountains where the wind could easily pick her up.

It is worth to mention the sombrero, which, first, a well that never goes out of fashion, and secondly, it will allow you not to worry for his safety, due to the special attached to the laces. They will also solve another problem — the temporary storage of your headgear: just enough to throw a sombrero over his shoulders, and the lace will be securely to keep it from falling. Well, if you prefer something more modest, you can consider buying cotton Panama, especially since many well-known youth designers every year feel compelled to include a few options in the summer collection.

For an active holiday, you will need suitable headgear which does not restrict your flurry of activity. Ideal in this case is a baseball cap: the visor protects the face from the sun and adjustable strap in the back will allow you to choose the best comfortable width. In baseball you can play beach volleyball or ride a scooter, not afraid to lose her. But if sport style is not really fit to your image, stop your choice on the scarf, especially in this season, many well-known manufacturers of swimwear have included this detail in their summer collection.

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