Tips on choosing upholstered furniture

The acquisition of upholstered furniture is a complex matter. In most cases, such purchases are relatively rare, so consider the choice of quality furniture is serious. The article provides tips which will help determine the choice.

How to choose upholstered furniture

How to choose a manufacturer?

Finding a good manufacturer is an important consideration when buying upholstered furniture. If planning deals with designer, the task is easier as he knows where to get quality products. And in the case of self-registration of the apartment or house will have to look for trustworthy suppliers. Of course, it is better to buy furniture in branded firms that manufacture a quality product and will not allow the shortcomings and deception, because the reputation it is more expensive. This furniture will last a very long time and will definitely pay for itself.

How to choose upholstered furniture for the home

But not all of finances allow you to buy expensive, large-scale things. In this case, you can look at to beginning producers that for the promotion of the business establish acceptable cost of furniture, although the quality is not inferior to a proven brand competitors.


Furniture according to their design must match the design of the room. It remains only to decide whether the accent item, or simply complement the decor. Today in fashion bright sofas and chairs. They will decorate the room and make it stylish, unique and luxurious, even if other items are quite common. But in that case, when the focus in the room already exists, you should choose a quiet and modest furniture so that it does not overwhelm the interior.

Leather sofa how to choose


What kind of upholstered cloth furniture depends on the cost of the product and its durability. Today, experts define two types of upholstery: soft textile. It is necessary to consider them in detail.

Cloth is less expensive leather. Besides, it is very durable. There are many varieties of materials that are used for this purpose, and each of them has its own characteristics. All fabrics can be divided into three categories: the textile flat weave, velour and microfiber. The first group is the classic version of the furniture textiles. Velour upholstery boasts a luxurious look. But it won’t last long, as the fabric quickly wiped off. Microfiber differs in that it has synthetic fibers that can pass air, keep warm and serve long enough.

What kind of upholstery for upholstered furniture to choose

Criteria for the selection of furniture with textile upholstery

Every manufacturer of furniture products must provide the characteristics of the used textile. For those who appreciate furniture durability and strength, there is a test Martindale. The optimum cycles for home furniture ranges from 10000 to 15000 units. The strength of the coating determines the special five-point scale, where «5» is the best indicator of the quality of the material, in which there should be no doubt. Sustainable textiles to fading or not, will show a special possibally scale with an average of «4».

How to choose a sofa and chairs

How to choose the furniture with leather upholstery

The type of processing leather to determine its quality. Types of upholstery and their characteristics:

  • Pigmented (painted) leather. Durable and last a long time, due to the homogeneous surface. A little rough around the edges.
  • Aniline leather is a bit softer than the previous model. In its structure there are pores, so the material can be called «breathable».
  • Semi-aniline type contains properties and pigmented and aniline leather.
  • The nubuck. Looks very similar to velvet, but wear resistance is responsible – he is losing species faster than the three previous options.
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